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  1. foundchris

    foundchris New Member

    Over the last week I've had two different people attempt to send me a contact's information from their phone via text message. In both cases I see a text that says just:

    There's no download or import button. Long-pressing the text will let me reply, forward etc. I can see the message details but that only gives me the time, sender etc information. When I log in to my Sprint picture mail on the web I can see that they sent me a vCard, I can read it on there and manually import it into the phone. Is there a way to make the Moment recognize the vCard and import it automatically?

  2. bboozer

    bboozer Member

    I am having the same issue.... I would like to know if there is a way to receive them and automatically add them to my contacts.... If anyone knows how to do this please help
  3. jruez

    jruez New Member

    any one figure out an answer to this? I am having the same problem.

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