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Vectone UK: data & SMS not working in roaming (+zero customer support)

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  1. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    My Vectone pay-as-you-go works fine in roaming for calls, however SMSs don't get sent, and the H+arrows icon never appears next to the signal bars, indicating the lack of a data connection.

    This is despite the fact that
    - in the UK (home network), both data and SMS work fine
    - (as per Vectone's instructions) I always restart the phone after reaching the roaming country, as well as select the "Overseas" option from the Vectone menu
    - the phone (Samsung S2) has all the right settings for data connections, and the "data roaming" option is enabled
    - I have used both automatic network selection, as well as manually tried getting onto every single available local network (Vodafone, IWIND etc)

    It is unbelievable that I have to resort to asking this in a forum instead of Vectone's customer service, which is so incompetent that my (literally) dozens of calls and emails reporting this problem have not helped with anything. The only suggestion they gave me is that my account should have at least GBP 10.00 in order for data to work in roaming (which was true every time anyway).

    I read other posts (but no suggested solutions) of people reporting problems with data and SMS simultaneously, so perhaps there is a common source for both problems?

    If anyone could suggest any fixes (assuming this is not just a general fault from Vectone's part), I'd be really grateful!

  2. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    Still looking forward to hear back any thoughts on that, anticipated thanks :)
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Have you tried re-entering the APN settings for your network?
  4. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    No, because even in my home network, the 3G data connection works without any Vectone APN having been defined. What I have under the APN settings is just an entry called UBIQUISYS, with no server address, port, username or password defined. Clearly though, this "phantom" APN is not "ubiquitous" enough to work under any network, while in roaming.

    The networks that the phone connects to while abroad are always "partner" (non-Vectone) networks (e.g. Vodafone), so I suppose if an APN would have to be defined, it would have to be one from one of those networks, but Vectone gives no such information.
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Vectone is one of those el-cheapo supermarket MVNOs. More than likely customer support will be almost non-existent, and probably in India, that's how they keep the costs down.

    Just to clarify, is this SMS or MMS not working? Because if it's simple text only SMS, APN settings are not normally needed for this. They're used for MMS and 3G internet.
  6. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    They are indeed, this is why I had to ask a question like that on a forum, rather on their CS line :)

    It's the SMS that's not working. I know it uses a different protocol from the 3G Internet, which makes me think that there's a broader problem with how the sim card connects to the partner roaming network (essentially, only the very basic works, i.e. calls)
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Probably right. I just been looking at Vectone's roaming services for China, where I am.
    Incoming Sms : Free Outgoing Sms : Not Available
  8. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    For Italy (where I was) though, they do offer outgoing SMS service, as well as a data service, but it just doesn't work! Buffoons...
  9. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    Hi again everyone, still haven't fixed this, and not having data while abroad is really inconvenient. If anyone found a workaround (Vectone CS is clearly clueless), please do share here, thanks in advance!
  10. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    Do you have an overriding need to stay with that provider? If not just switch to one that works - and has support.
  11. wildetudor

    wildetudor Well-Known Member

    They still offer the best rates when calling to Eastern Europe, unfortunately..

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