Velocity 1.1 Upgrade Procedure

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  1. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer


    The new Velocity 1.1 will be available tonight as a Midnight release, we have been working all day to ensure the process is smooth. Here is how it is going to work, Trident is going to host the standalone and mirror it on a separate server. I will be hosting the OTA version the script will download on the 3 Velocity OTA mirrors. This gives us a total of 5 separate servers hosting the rom, so bandwidth should not be a problem.

    Flashing Standalone Update:
    The Standalone Rom will be flashed just like any of the previous versions. There is however one new feature. [ (doing the following may result in an inability to send MMS messages) If you are coming from Velocity 1.0 it is possible to flash the rom and retain all of your downloaded applications and settings. Simply Wipe Dalvik-Cache and Cache in recovery before flashing (instead of wiping all userdata) ]
    So heres a step by step for those of you not used to this:
    • Download the Standalone Rom from the Release thread (available tonight at midnight)
    • Copy the file to your phones sdcard
    • Reboot your phone into recovery
    • Make a nandroid backup
    • Wipe [(doing the following may result in an inability to send MMS messages)] (if coming from 1.0 you can skip data and only wipe cache and dalvik as mentioned above)
    • Flash the ROM from your sdcard
    • Reboot and enjoy!

    From the Script OTA:
    As you have probably noticed there is a option in the script to check for Rom Updates in the script menu. Well it will finally report an update as available at midnight tonight! The script will let you choose between an update that will wipe data and one that will not. The choice is entirely up to you, (failure to wipe may result in an inability to send MMS messages) if you choose to wipe data it will be like restoring factory defaults, which is nice if you want a clean slate, or if you have some apps causing problems. But if you do not wipe it will leave all the apps you have in /data/app and your sdcard. And retain their data, as usual perform a nandroid if you don't have a recent one. The rom OTA is a large file (115mb) so it will take awhile to download, its not recommended to attempt this over 3g, while it is possible it would be hard to retain a connection for that long without some corruption. So for best results, get on wifi, and either plug your phone in and turn the display sleep off, or turn off the wifi sleep policy, (Menu, Wifi, Wifi Settings, Settings, Wifi Sleep). If the download is going horrendously slow you could always exit the script and start it again to get a different mirror. The script will check the Roms MD5 before it trys and flashes, so if it says the md5 fails, it will automatically remove downloaded files and take you back to the main menu, you can try again. Here is a step by step:
    • Open a terminal and type su for superuser access
    • Start the velocity by invoking velocity in the terminal
    • Enter the Rom Update checker (4 then 2)
    • Choose The Wipe or No Wipe OTA (failure to wipe may result in an inability to send MMS messages)[/B
      [*]Download OTA (115mb)
      [*]Select Y to reboot into recovery and flash automatically
      [*]OTA will flash and phone will reboot to 1.1 automatically

    [EDIT BY TRIDENT:] It has been found that failure to wipe ALL userdata will result in the failure of MMS messages on send and receive! YOU MUST WIPE EVERYTHING!


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  2. gb4fan

    gb4fan Well-Known Member

    Sounds simple enough even for a beginner like me!
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  3. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    If I chose to not clear data will it wipe dalvik cache and cache? Or can that be done once booted into recovery. It sounds as if it will auto boot into recovery and auto install. Sorry if this sounds noobish.
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  4. krisdezzy

    krisdezzy Well-Known Member

    How come thaat I never knew clearing data will erase every thing :[ I kept clearing data cause I. Thought that will cause bootloop..
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  5. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    It will wipe cache and dalvik for you.
  6. Goonie21

    Goonie21 Well-Known Member

    Savo you, Trident, GNM and Death are a bunch of PIMPS
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  7. Brandonson112

    Brandonson112 Well-Known Member

    I accidentally zip-aligned my rom is that gonna cause a problem?
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  8. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    No, But if you are ODEXED you will want to make a nandroid before attempting to flash without wiping, I haven't tested that one. You will also be ok with dalvik on cache.
  9. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    So, if I ODEXED I should wipe data too?:eek:
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  10. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Make a nandroid and be a guinea pig, worst case is you will have to restore the nandroid and try again. You will have to odex again after flash because this will replace all your system partition with 1.1
  11. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    Awww man!!!:(
    Will we still have the same options in terminal emulator as before?
    What do you recommend I do?

    Nevermind, we'll just wait & see what happens!!
    Thanks man.......
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  12. Matt's 175

    Matt's 175 Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm... I have 2 Allys and one of them is downloading the OTA, no problem, and the other keeps repeatedly saying "You already have the latest rom version Press enter to continue".

    Any ideas what I should do?

    EDIT: Simply re-booted phone and tried again and it's downloading now.
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  13. x-amp

    x-amp Well-Known Member

    try a different server. i had the same problem
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  14. ccsoccer03

    ccsoccer03 Well-Known Member

    Clear your download cache. It fixed mine just like that.
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  15. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    One of the mirrors didnt sync up right fixed it
  16. gb4fan

    gb4fan Well-Known Member

    And simple it was!!! Installed with no problems. Absolutely love the fact
    that I gained 61MB internal storage. And it appears my SD card increased space as well. Really made this phone much better than a beginners smartphone. A big thanks to the developers. Payday is Friday!
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  17. artcwolf

    artcwolf Well-Known Member

    How long does it take to ask to reboot once download is completed? I left the phone for an hour sitting at 100% download and nothing happened.
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  18. gratt26

    gratt26 Active Member

    i tryed the ota option 3x and no go? keeps comming up "comming soon" getting ready to try stand alone
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  19. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Please use script V > 30

    I feel like I spend all day repeating myself...
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  20. gratt26

    gratt26 Active Member

    stand alone worked great!... well actualy it froze during first reboot but no issues now.
    much love to team velocity! you deserve more than you get!
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  21. gratt26

    gratt26 Active Member

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  22. artcwolf

    artcwolf Well-Known Member

    I got it to work this evening, i'm impressed, I really like the one little tiny thing, and that's the battery icon showing me the % left.

    Now to learn how to change the themes :)

    Thank you so very much Devs.
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  23. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    Hey! I like the colored progress bar for unpacking the system files on the otherwise "all text" screen in Recovery. Nice!



    boot screen mentioned above actually looked better to me once I saw it than I thought it would.

    I now see an "87" in the green battery icon. Looks like you addressed the previous tendency to show only multiples of 10, which would stay on the higher number (say, 90) until it actually fell to (say, 80) before updating, which meant I always had to be prepared to have 9% less battery than I 'thought' I had. I like this much better!

    In case anyone wonders where Terminal Emulator went, it is listed in the menus of the Velocity Tool Kit. Its icon which I had on one of my home screens gets disabled. Nice to be able to set the OC right from the Tool Kit now!


    (Oops, I meant to post this on the 1.1 thread, not on the procedures thread. My bad. ).
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  24. DHusky

    DHusky New Member

    Just did standalone update from 1.0 to 1.1 with no problems. Thanks crew ^_^

    (I do wish the notification for VS740ZVE would go away though. There's no way to turn that off is there? I clear it every time I see it but it keeps coming back >_>)
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  25. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Well-Known Member

    Click install, it will fail. Notification goes away
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