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  1. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Velocity 1.2.2 Open Beta
    Dry, no lube!

    The next revision of Velocity is upon us! The new Velocity is ICS infused bringing you all the cosmetic wonders of Android 4.0 without any of the awesome system enhancements it is known so well for!

    To participate just download the latest:
    Beta 11
    Beta 13
    Beta 14
    Beta 18

    To join the cool club please do the following:
    1. Backup your existing Rom so you cant come whining to me when all your p0rn gets lost
    2. Download the latest beta and slap it on your sdcard
    3. Wipe EVERYTHING (except your sdcard :p)
    4. Install the beta zip you downloaded (please ensure signature verification is OFF)

    Throughout the testing I have done thus far this variant appears to be MORE stable than 1.2.1 (I am blaming this on the fact I made 1.2.1 WITHOUT an Ally)
    Other than the launcher issues (random force closes, it is more stable for some than others o_O) it seems solid so far.

    Please post issues, feedback. I am mostly doing this as mentioned to go along with the script update, so I am focusing on that, so feature and app additions to the rom itself will be limited and my work will be focused on bug smashing

    PS: When you report a bug please be helpful, dont just say such and such isnt working, tell me at least what you where doing, what other apps where running, OC status and anything else you can think of, unless you can provide a logcat

    • Stock calendar not displaying correctly
    • It is far too awesome for the average bear
    • You tell me....

    • ICS Launcher and Theme
    • ICS Font (google kang)
    • Awesome sysctl tweaks from StormDroid team for epic battery life
    • Support for Ad-Hoc networking
    • All apps updated to latest versions
    • Default Overclock at 724mhz
    • While I was typing this up I forgot everything else, and lost my changelog... so its... a MYSTERY until I get a device to look at

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  2. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

    Velocity Patches and Updates​

    (Flashable zips are unsigned unless otherwise noted)

    Theme refinement patches

    Theme fix 1/26 -Added to Beta 14!

    If the patch says UNTESTED next to it, if you happen to test it, please leave a comment about how it went, so Sav will know it's ready to be added into the ROM!
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  3. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

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  4. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Beta 11

    home key fixed
    reboot to recov menu fixed
    added battery saving sysctl tweaks
    theme cleanup
  5. verizonuser13

    verizonuser13 Well-Known Member

    are there any new known bugs i should be aware of before flashing??
  6. darkside322

    darkside322 Active Member

    Hey savoxis, nice to see your still around :)
  7. verizonuser13

    verizonuser13 Well-Known Member

    just recently flashed and so far i love it all!!! the only bugs i have seen is that the ICS launcher constantly crashes and force closes. a fix for that until its fully fixed is to use another launcher like ADW launcher. other than that, works awesome
  8. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    The ics launcher is built from adw code so its basically the same launcher just different ui
  9. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    As rg said it is a adw based ics launcher.

    I am working on fixing the fc issues, should be the next thing fixed.
  10. Vol4One

    Vol4One Well-Known Member

    I had no problems with the ICS launcher FCing. I do wish I could update the desktop row spacing from 4 to 5 like you can with other launchers. But that is not a problem with the ROM, just the app.
  11. verizonuser13

    verizonuser13 Well-Known Member

    it kept FCing on me but ADW Ex is working fine now. No idea why it did for me but it didn't stop so im fine using ADW Ex until the next fix
  12. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    THANK YOU Savoxis!! :)
  13. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Just a few notes thus far for Beta 11:

    I turned off ICS Launcher's System Persistent setting. I then set the LCD density to 300, rebooted, and of course that was too large (I was trying to get the screen smaller). So, I set it to 150, rebooted, and ICS Launcher began FC'ing right away. I booted into recovery and only wiped /cache, then re-flashed. To my surprise, it worked ... I didn't lose my apps, all settings were the same; LCD density was set to its default 240. Gaining confidence, I left System Persistent off, booted to a density of 175, and found it too small. 200 does the trick with no trouble.

    UPDATE: ICSL is sporadically throwing FCs during app transitions, but it's not entering an FC loop per setting LCD density to 150.

    With all LCD densities I've tried, I still don't see a desktop indicator.
    Although I like the look of the interface better, including the status bar's artwork, I miss the feel of ADW Launcher's app drawer's 3D scrolling. Now that I have a larger desktop, I have room for six columns, without the functionality to change from four. I also miss "Open Application" upon Swipe Up.

    The only problem I had with your previous ROM seems to be fixed: I used to get "Insufficient space" errors in Market, preventing app install, even after clearing dalvik-cache from recovery. I've yet to get an "Insufficient space" error thus far with Beta 11.

    This is all using smartass on 245/806 MHz.

    I truly appreciate your work. Keep it up. Will send some cash your way soon.

    P.S: I shed my cell phone bill with the Ally and Savoxis' ROM. WiFi is everywhere, peeps. Install Sipdroid, pair it to your Google Voice number, log into > Personal Data: switch your server to a location near you, switch the software version to "Newest G722" for optimal voice quality, install REGPON wifi KeepAlive so you're connected to even though the rest of your phone is idle, and you're good to go. Cost for all the above: $0. Cost per month: $0.
  14. inception

    inception Active Member

  15. username.unknown

    username.unknown Well-Known Member

    That's basically what I used to do. In fact, that is what I used to do. Because of the delay I encountered when I used, I switched to groove ip (negligible one-time fee) and would gladly have paid triple what I did for the app. For those who wish to use a voip provider to interface with google voice (such as pbxes), I highly recommend csipsimple instead of sipdroid, but to each their own. My overall cost was $5 (and totally worth it), month to month is $0.

    I'm really looking forward to V1.2.2, I thought essentially all developing had ceased for the ally, so I was pleasantly surprised.
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  16. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    I loved csipsimple, but something happened and it caused me to switch back to Sipdroid ... I can't remember what it was ... I think it's time to try again; thanks for reminding me about a great app. One time fee? I'll check into Groove IP as well.

  17. leerpsp

    leerpsp Active Member

    The ICS Launcher keeps crashing a lot and says it fells to respond and it does sleep mod some times and if i have a app runing of any kind and then put it in sleep mode it will keep crashing like every 3 to 5 mints and win it crashes if i press the back button it will load every app but the home screen and to get the home screen working like it did i have to press the home button like a lot of times and the app angry birds pulls up the games menu almost ever 10 to 15 secs and the angry birds app reboots every 2 mints

    but thats all that i have had happen to me testing the rom right now if i find any thing it is also doing i will post it as will


    The Calender is blank win i open it up it there is not a thing there you just see the name of the mouth and the days of the week and no dates are there at all just a white blank page
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  18. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Yep stock calendar is borked for me as well.
  19. username.unknown

    username.unknown Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the calendar never worked on 1.2 for me either, not that it's something I'd use that much anyway.
  20. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

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  21. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

    savoxis - are the script servers down? I've tried several times to update my scripts but keep getting could not connect to server or server not found errors. After I had updated to Script 39 on Velocity 1.2 after that I could never connect anymore, is there something I'm missing?
  22. verizonuser13

    verizonuser13 Well-Known Member

    Another thing I think you could change would be the color of the notifications font in the drop down because they're black and so is the background and you can't read it at all
  23. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Script 39 does connect - it takes a bunch of tries sometimes, but I am getting "No such file or directory" errors. It's preventing me from using any script that has to dial out, e.g. "Fetching online database."
  24. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Not sure if this will be redundant, but I'm pretty sure I'll be posting a logcat either tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Edit: couldn't get to it today. Will try tonight.
  25. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member


    The Calender is blank win i open it up it there is not a thing there you just see the name of the mouth and the days of the week and no dates are there at all just a white blank page[/QUOTE]

    I tried mine - yes it's white but I think the boxes and dates inside are also white. I touched several areas on my screen which pulled up different days, so it's all there - you just can't see them. Maybe a setting or the font colors need to be reset or changed.

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