Velocity BackupTool won't run as instructed

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  1. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    I am getting ready to try the Velocity ROM, so I wanted to use the BackupTool mentioned in the locked thread covering Velocity's dev.

    I learned many years ago just how necessary "syntax" is when programming, and it taught me a valuable lesson in life. Follow directions "to the letter" if possible. :)

    That said, in the locked thread it says to use the backup tool do this:

    So I did EXACTLY that. I did not unzip the file because I was not told to do so. I just put it on the root of my Ally's SD card. When I typed "backup" in the terminal window, it says "backup not found". An ls command also shows nothing at all listed as 'backup'.

    Within the zip file there is a folder path of system/xbin and in the xbin folder is a file named 'backup' but it has no extension. So should this zip file be extracted, and if so does one them put all the folders and files on the root of the SD card, or is there something else necessary?

    >>EDITED - Read on below for the answer to these questions, thanks to Trident and Dots. :) <<

  2. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Dat happened to me too. I just reflashed it and it worked
  3. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    I got the straight scoop over the Ally IRC last night from Trident and Dots themselves. What I had misunderstood is that before using the Terminal to execute "backup -c" (the -c switch makes a 'complete' backup) I was supposed to boot into recovery and use the "install zip file from SD" function to 'flash' the file which installs the tool. This is the same method used to flash a ROM, which I had never done previously.

    Once I flashed the backup tool, I was then able to run it from the Terminal Emulator.

    However, another misunderstanding I had seems to be that after Velocity 0.4 is done installing, it doesn't actually put 'everything' back the way it was before making the backup. I admit that as I was reading about the backup tool here:

    I somehow got the misconception that it would be like restoring a Nandroid Backup, and put *everything* back the way it was. But he does explain what gets backed up, so after reading it again today I realize I was wrong to think that. :)

    So, I have had to enter many settings over again, and also uninstall/reinstall some of my apps to make them work. At some point in researching this backup tool someone mentioned running "recovery" from the Terminal. I don't yet know if this would restore anything additional to the things spelled out on the Backup Tool page.

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