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  1. Wiskid

    Wiskid Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else hopping on board with the Velocity Cruz, or am I the only one? BTW, I think there should be a Velocity Cruz section -- if people will use it.

    It seems to be a pretty nice machine (got it at Best Buy for $170). I don't think I'd pay anything over 170. I'm really interested in possibly rooting this thing and running some SetCPU. There isn't much information out there about this unit. Any of you devs (or whoever has the brains) interested in picking one of these up and looking into a root solution?

  2. Wiskid

    Wiskid Well-Known Member

    So I'm the only bonehead who has bought one of these so far?
  3. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    I saw it in yesterdays BB ad

    2 questions

    1) is this the 1st android tablet youve owned?
    2) if not how does the capacitive (?) screen compare with what you had

    when this thing was 1st announced at borders there was NO way I was paying $300 that they were asking

    as you said at $175 its appropriately priced, but I remember when i made this comment in august I was roasted for incinuating that a capacitve screen would EVER go for less than $250
  4. Wiskid

    Wiskid Well-Known Member

    Yep, this is my first android tablet. Comparing it to my phone (Sprint HTC Hero), it's a little less responsive. I find myself pressing a lot harder than I ever would have to on my phone.

    Yeah, I saw it in the BB ad and instantly wanted it. An Android device for 170?!?! Sign me up!

    It is an absolutely perfect eReader. It get's a little heavy after holding it for a while, but I don't really mind that as it's easy to set down and read.

    But naturally, I know the power of android and want it to do more and more. I'm running into a few brick walls trying to install certain apps. I feel that rooting would solve this. It appears as though none of the devs are gonna be working on this device though, so I may return it... still trying to decide.
  5. zacwhite15

    zacwhite15 Well-Known Member

    ive got one too. it is somewhat laggy when it comes to certain things but i think its just android 2.0. if it were upgraded to 2.2 it would be awesome. one issue i do run into is trying to get it too play videos. it just doesn't want too. ill figure it out though. i have been trying to root it. once i get that figured out ill put something up :D
  6. Wiskid

    Wiskid Well-Known Member

    Excellent. That'd be awesome.

    I'm discouraged about certain apps which are a must have for me. Pandora is one. I can install it, but it says that "this device is not supported". works but all the text is so small, it's unreadable.
  7. bajatech

    bajatech New Member

  8. Wiskid

    Wiskid Well-Known Member

  9. Mayday247

    Mayday247 New Member

    There is a Velocity Cruz Reader and a Cruz Tablet, so you might want to specify which one you're referring to. I assume the Cruz Reader? If so, the above mod created by JGM works great if you know what you're doing. Most of the people bricking their units are not following instructions or aren't reading through the forums before attempting the firmware upgrade. For $99 I now have a great eReader with lots of table functionality.
  10. Djidea

    Djidea Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a Cruz Tablet T103 for $160 new off of some guy on Craigslist. Trying to get the darn thing to see my wifi tether signal from my Vibrant and its not working. Is there a root for this tablet?

    Update: Since the froyo update for the Samsung Vibrant came out, I have been able to tether anything to my vibrant now since it has built it Mobile AP thanks to froyo!!!! No need for the wifi tether for root user app.
  11. havoc449

    havoc449 Member

    I got one the Cruz tablet not a reader but i've been waiting on the Archos 10i Ior 70. bought this one at best buy just because the didn't have the 70 in stock.figured i could just transfer the geeks squad protection to the 70 so i'm waiting 30 days to see if they get the Archos 70 but my store says it doesn't look like they will get them because they only sold 4 since nov or but they have the display model. i've been on Archos site and they haven't had them up for sale until yesterday so thumbs cross. side note both Archos have GB. and i'm on my asus netboot wifi tether from my.... HErO!!:)
  12. kleedrac

    kleedrac New Member

    Hey guys,
    I just ordered this eReader from tigerdirect today so I've been doing some research. My primary goal is light web surfing and reading ebooks and comics. First off what does "rooting" the device do besides the performance increase? Secondly did the above link work for anyone on this forum? Thirdly does anyone know of any good, free, apps to read comics (.cbr and .cbz format) and ebooks (.txt & .pdf formats) or are these all things I'll have to either pirate or pay for? Thanks in advance :)

  13. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    Is your router broadcasting ssid? If not you wont connect. I can connect with the ssid broadcasting but hide ssid and no connection.
  14. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    I've had mine since Sat. and like it. I bought mainly to download and read books but I also use it to check my emails and facebook. My first tablet, purchased the T103 from TigerDirect on sale.
  15. TriMoot

    TriMoot New Member

    Hmm, not finding a lot on rooting the Velocity Micro Cruz 7. Just bought it (minutes ago) on Woot and am looking to find out if anyone has rooted it and installed the normal android apps on it? Let me know! Thanks!
  16. mynewcruz

    mynewcruz New Member

    Anyone have any idea how to download .APK files to install on an Android device? The Cruz support site says you can download .ZIP files from the Android market (or other Android sites), extract the .APK files, copy .APK to your device or SD card, and install. I find this to be false so far. The links on this site don't even lead to any download files. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
  17. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    I dont own a cruz but do have 4 other tablets and the 2 main methods i use to load apk's are this

    1) if its iin a zip file, extract it on your PC to its basic XXX.APK format, the less work you ask the tablet to do the happier you'll be. once you have your APK file the 2 methods i use to get it onto the device are this:

    1) on my XP and Linux PC's I have downloaded the android SDK, i plug my tablet into the usb port and then use ADB from the tools submenu on the pc to install or push the APK to the tablet.

    2) the simpler method, but does rely on the dvice being 'rooted', is to pop out the micro sd card from my tab pop it into,y pc reader and copy the file to the carrd, then put the card back into the device and install from there.

    the 1 method that i always think SHOULD work that never does, is to email the APK to my gmail account and then downlload the file onto my tablet from gmail. somethiing in that process always corrupts the file.

    if any of these terms are unfamilar do a search through the forums and you should find exact definitions and how tos

    2 other forums that helped me learn a LOT are and

    xda is a very technical forum but ifit can be done on a tab THEY have done it.

    hope this helps
  18. Fellwarre

    Fellwarre New Member

    I'm looking for a reader primarily, but something that will play my media files (movies which are up to 1.5 gig each in .m4v format usually). Will the Cruz Ready play these movies fairly smoothly? If so, I think I may be sold ;)
  19. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    I got mine to connect, works now even when not broadcasting ssid.
  20. bobc30_2

    bobc30_2 New Member

    Install this for videos. skyfire-android(1).apk Thanks Bob
  21. bobc30_2

    bobc30_2 New Member

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