Velocity micro root?

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  1. CamDroid74

    CamDroid74 New Member

    I was wondering if it was possible to root a velocity micro cruz (t301) tablet. Any advice would be great, because this thing doesn't have the app market, and that is something that I really would like.

  2. Djidea

    Djidea Well-Known Member

    I have the Cruz T103 and would like to root it. Plus cant get it to see my wifi tether from my Samsung Vibrant.
  3. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    Not sure if either of you have accomplished this yet but I am thinking of picking up one of theses since they are only $100 right now on Tiger. Did you ever get root access if not have you tried z4 root?
  4. trutechspec

    trutechspec New Member

    z4 root will not get past the superuser tried it no dice:mad:
  5. Nsane1

    Nsane1 Well-Known Member

    In for root. I'd love to OC this thing to about 1ghz. And get the google market of course.
  6. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    Root info found HERE which also has removal of stock apps & addition of Android Market. Be warned - this device isn't compatible with a lot of the normal apps so if Market looks empty, that'd be why.

    I have sideloaded Skyfire browser, Yahoo Mail & Twitter without issue so trial & error as long as you have the apk's you want. Angry Birds will never work on this device.

    EDIT: Angry Birds & more apps are becoming available for this MIP processor device. AS the apps are updated to run on these devices, more & more will appear in the store.
  7. id like to know if theres a way to make it any more useful so far i just use mine as a youtube viewer. ) :
  8. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    The link in my post above can get this tablet up to par with the basic stuff (Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Android Marketplace). There are a lot of apps that will not run on this device due to different the architecture & processor.
  9. HollowDroid

    HollowDroid New Member

    I would like to know if the same steps would work on the new t401 i just got it for my wife and would like to root it be get the market and some extra performance out of it for her. Im familiar with rooting phones just need to know how to root this tab thanks in advance
  10. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    My t301 is rooted with superuser + android market, it is possible, the only developer who gave this device enough time to come up with a working root is goochbuntu. He has videos on YouTube and he has a website you can go to which has the same name. If he's online he probabily will help you through the steps.
  11. mraab16

    mraab16 New Member

    i have a cruz t301 2.2 tablet my friend gave me. i went through the correct way to install clockworkmod on it. i finally, after so many tries, got it to mount my sd card to install superuser. im sure i probably messed with the wrong thing, but now it is stuck on the cruz logo when i boot. ive tried everything and there is no way for me to install the because of the sd card not mounting. cwm5 wont mount my emmc,sdcard,sd-ext,or usb storage. has anyone ran into this problem and found a way to uninstall cwm or something. i cant use the tablet period, nothing will function or mount on it. but ive heard from someone that cwm5 wont work on 2.2, is this true and how can i get my stock recovery back.
    also, my computer will not pick my t301 up. under devices, it will show up as adb interface when tablet is in cwm5 recovery. and when i try the usb mode(power+volume-) it shows up as JZ4760 USB Device. any help?
  12. xeology

    xeology New Member

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