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ventrilo app

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  1. nono

    nono Member

    hello honorable devs,
    i have been looking for an app that would allow me to connect to ventrilo (gaming VoIP) servers to converse with my team/raid/whatever. not sure how hard this is, i read on some other forum a lot of reverse engineering of the ventrilo client would have to be done? i have no idea, code confuses me.

    in any case, from what i can gather, this would be of moderate to high interest to gamers especially those approaching hardcore/profesional level of gaming and i know that i, for one, would be willing to support such an apps development with cold hard cash and definitely fork out a couple bucks to dl the app to my phone.

    so thats my pitch. hope it interests one or all of you :D

  2. danielw

    danielw Member

    I'm not sure if this project would be possible with the current hardware, but for anyone interested in picking up this project here is a good place to start: Mangler | A Ventrilo Compatible Client for Linux

    Mangler is an open source VoIP client for Linux that can connect to Ventrilo 3.x servers.
  3. clearscreen

    clearscreen Member

    I'm one of the developers working on the Mangler project.

    It may interest you to know that work is underway to port Mangler to the android platform. The library that drives Mangler (libventrilo3) already successfully runs on the Android device as a shared lib compiled with the Android NDK.

    I am currently in the process of trying to write up a decent GUI for it, and in the near future will start looking into audio encoding possibilities (speex/gsm). I am a C coder by nature, so any help to speed up the development process is always appreciated.

    You can find us either on our homepage (Mangler | A Ventrilo Compatible Client for Linux)
    Or on IRC:

    Good day :)
  4. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    Late comer to the party, but subscribed. I can't wait to see where this goes. :D
  5. clearscreen

    clearscreen Member

    I got libspeex and libgsm to compile as static libraries yesterday... So that isn't an issue anymore :) I'll have to do some research on how android's audiotrack works with multiple audio streams.. we may have to do internal mixing in the libventrilo library (which wouldn't be a bad thing because that would be required if we want to migrate to ALSA).
  6. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

    Mangler running on the Hero would be outstanding.

    I already use it quite often on my linux desktop and can't wait for vox support to be implemented.

    (Running in Maemo would also rock, but that's a message for another forum. :D)
  7. Lucky8Levi

    Lucky8Levi New Member

    This would really be a sweet app for me. I hope someone can develop it. Will give donations :)
  8. jfortier777

    jfortier777 New Member


    Anything I can do to help this process I offer myself for.

    ...but seriously I would pay $10 for this app without even blinking.
  9. UnsureSherlock

    UnsureSherlock Well-Known Member

    Any updates on the application yet clearscreen? I would love to know if there's been any progress yet
  10. clearscreen

    clearscreen Member

    Not much since the last update, been planning on some more work coming month. Libventrilo still needs a bunch of changes done, also depending on the capabilities of AudioTrack, not sure if Android's audio system mixes multiple audiotrack streams...

    We're an open source collaboration project so any assistance from some Java/Android gurus is always appreciated. I code mainly in C so my Java pretty much sucks :)

    Progress can be tracked from our Trac page for the Android branch. You will need the NDK to build libventrilo. And don't be afraid to drop by on IRC (Freenode, #mangler).
  11. UnsureSherlock

    UnsureSherlock Well-Known Member

    Thanks much for the update Clearscreen
  12. lifeafter2am

    lifeafter2am Well-Known Member

    Just making sure the topic stays alive. This is also an app I would donate to if need be.
  13. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

  14. nono

    nono Member

    checking back, still no word on this app that i can find...
  15. MetalPaladin

    MetalPaladin Member

    I asked around in the IRC channel and they said they're still working on it.

    So, we wait.
  16. mcgrunt42

    mcgrunt42 New Member

    i would definately donate to the cause also, someone let me know how i can help.
  17. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    ohhh ::drools::
  18. johnd8

    johnd8 New Member

    App purchaser and or donations to the cause here.
  19. CoreyOli

    CoreyOli Well-Known Member

    Absolutely.. I'd be all over this!!

  20. milkfilk

    milkfilk New Member

    I was able to compile libgsm in a few different ways. I have a .a file from XCode generated as well as regular old bin/ lib/ files from the Makefile. I don't necessarily want to do a make install. How do I tell ./configure to look at the built gsm directory? I've tried every ./configure option I can think of, even truss'ing and trying to trace system calls for where the heck it thinks -lgsm is coming from.

    I tried --enable-gsm=PATH, --with-gsm=PATH where PATH is the src that's had make run in it. But ./configure doesn't let me point to my own copy of libgsm? Can I make install it, ./configure and then remove it? I'm actually just trying to get the Config.h built.

    Sorry for the noob compiling question but I want to play with this lib.
  21. clearscreen

    clearscreen Member

    AFAIK you can't link libraries built with gcc into a shared lib with the bionic C compiler (which is what the android NDK is using). You really don't have to either, because I managed to compile both libspeex and libgsm with the android-ndk.

    Latest revision in the mangler repositories, android branch (r602) now builds with libventrilo3 trunk. If you have succesfully set up the android-ndk, you can compile the library with something similar to:
    Make sure to specify a correct path to libventrilo3 (you'll want latest trunk) and make sure your working directory is that of the NDK.

    This project is definitely not dead, but I am merely a C programmer with hardly any Java/AndroidSDK experience. I would welcome anyone to hop along and get this thing done. (Mangler Forums | Mangler on Android)
  22. nono

    nono Member

    You are my biggest hero for taking on this app. Any new info since last post?
  23. Rakeesh

    Rakeesh Member

  24. ErikOnFire

    ErikOnFire Member

    Unfortunatley I'm no help when it comes to finishing up the project, but I just wanted to say I 100% support you guys and would gladly donate and buy this app once finished :)
  25. XxHeatherxX

    XxHeatherxX New Member

    Any updates yet??

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