[Verizon] Accidentally Deleted My Pictures. HELP ME PLEASE!

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  1. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    I accidentally deleted my pictures. I was using Astro File Manager and was browsing in files. I selected the files I wanted to delete.

    I first clicked on the "folders" tab (showed me 60 folders) and didn't find the files I wanted to be deleted, so I went into "files" tab and there were 14 files, I held one of the files and the 14 files was selected (highlighted) and so I assumed only the 14 files were selected, so I slowly started deselecting the files out of the 14 I needed and I hit the trash icon and it showed me that it was deleting like 60 items!!!! I quickly pressed the cancel button, thinking it would literally cancel it all and I go back to the "folders" tab and it shows like 14 total folders left. So I lost a lot of folders, 14 was left out of the 60!!! I search for the "downloads" folder and it was no longer there and I knew I had the pictures in the download folder.

    I checked and my pictures were there. I was relaxed. I then was like maybe I lost apps and data from apps (because I saw my folders were deleted, going from 60 too proably 14, so, I went into recovery and restored a nandroid I had of from 2 months ago, thinking I would get everything back, including any missing pictures from the SD card.

    I start up and now I do not see any picture in the gallery!!!!! No videos! Running old CNA JB 3.3.0

    Please, anyone, help me. Is there any way I can get those valuable pictures back? I will wait for your responses.


  2. viper689

    viper689 Well-Known Member

    Did you by any chance have Google+ sync on? If so, they would be on your Google+ account.

    Sorry, that's the only thing I can think of. I'm sure you'll better advice from others.
  3. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    No google+ sync because my google+ account was not fully activated as it required my full first and last name.
  4. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Are there any PC softwares I can try to see if I can get the files back or any phone applications?

    My phone is rooted and unlocked.
  5. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

  6. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I could be very wrong but I thought apps like undelete have to be on the device first. That it can't recover anything removed before it was installed.

    Someone with more knowledge of this process please chime in.
  8. try finding them with ES file explorer app. that's all i can think of. i didn't like astro, couldn't figure out how to use it lol
  9. kismetgeek

    kismetgeek Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that you lost your pictures. I'm sure it won't happen to you again. If you can't find it in an explorer app of some sort, it's gone.

    Google+ instant upload is a great tool for backup.
  10. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, but there has to be some way I can extract it from the internal space.

    Someone with computer skills might know a way, where I can access these deleted files.




    It says Undelete beta app works, but why does it show not supported on my device? I am rooted. The app is for root users.

    Does that look it might work? I want to try this, but before I do, I rather make sure I do the right method. Anyone else know what I can do please? The pics are so valuable. :(
  11. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Any Android Experts can help me? :(
  12. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Anyone can help?
  13. tdevaughn

    tdevaughn Well-Known Member Developer

    you have 2 options... try one of them... this point you really have nothing to lose
  14. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply. I tried the application and softwares and for some reason it is not recognizing my drivers when connected to computer because it asks for USB debugging to be on and it is on.

    I updated with the galaxy nexus drivers from Samsung.
  15. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member

    in the future use dropbox camera sync, and any photos in that dropbox folder will automatically be uploaded to the cloud..in this day and age we should never lose pictures
  16. viper689

    viper689 Well-Known Member

    My recommendation would be to make a current nandroid and try one of the options you posted. If it messes up your phone at least you'll have a backup
  17. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    No, that's not accurate. The recovery apps don't "track" anything to let you undelete it.

    When you delete something, basically all that happens is the reference to the file is deleted, and the file system marks the space as usable. The file doesn't actually go away until the file system needs the space back, and starts writing to it.

    These undelete utilities simply look for these files that have no reference left, but data is still there.

    To the OP, I'm not sure how to help. The GNex doesn't expose the file system when plugged into a computer, so it needs to be a specific app on the phone (or something that uses Android USB debugging). I'd just go to the Play Store, search undelete, and start trying things.

    Use your phone as little as possible during this period because the more data you write to your phone, the more files will get overwritten. DO NOT make nandroid backups because that is going to write a huge amount of data to your storage partition, which will overwrite a ton of photos.
  18. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    Sucks losing pictures...i've been there/done that.

    I'll offer this as a free bump but will also throw in my recommendation to use G+, Picasa, dropbox or something else to do instant upload. I have mine set to upload only on wifi.

    The only downside to instant upload is that it uploads every picture. So when I take 15 pictures of something to get it timed right, it uploads all 15.
  19. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member


    That is what I read elsewhere. That there is hope. Only problem is, which app will work? I did restore a nandroid backup, would that affect this?
  20. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    I don't know which app will work; that's why I suggested you just plug "undelete" or "recover photos" into the Play Store search and check out your options.

    The nandroid restore very might have overwritten a few of your files, it just depends on how the file system decided to write data to the partition. You should do as little as possible on your phone until you've either recovered your files, or given up on it.
  21. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    Very sorry to hear about your problem. I ran into the same thing when Google+ first came out. I saw all these files in the upload process and did not want them in the cloud so I started deleting them. Unbeknownst to me, they were the actual photo folders I was deleting (from the Google+ app). I spent the rest of my sunday doing what you are doing-searching for a solution.

    As you have found out, because the GNEX doesn't use a SD card, the recovery programs can't access the memory in a way it can restore data (or at least that is the way it appeared to me). I lost my pics and I feel for you.

    Next step, for me at least... I now back up my pics/music etc files from memory to my computer hard drive for this very reason. Data and apps are not such a big deal since you can restore them if you have Titanium Backup but you should also pull one nandroid and put it on your hard drive in case something happens to the phone.

    Wish you luck on this one. Let us know how it turns out...especially if you get them restored.
  22. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I tried a few computer recovery softwares and many apps from google play and failed. My pictures and videos are lost. I just never used Google+ because I did not want to reveal my full name, I assumed it was like Facebook.

    Now, I am going to update to a new ROM and for future use, I will have to either use dropbox or google+. Does anyone know if I can use a screen name on Google+, instead of my full name?
  23. viper689

    viper689 Well-Known Member

    Just use Dropbox if you're worried about your name. That's what I use and I have it set to sync when on WiFi only
  24. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member

    Can Dropbox administrators or its developers take your pictures or photos? Is it safe and private?
  25. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member

    do you trust google or yahoo with your email??? its no different, dropbox is encrypted and password protected. i have lost pictures and data to many times this was a life saver

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