[Verizon] ADB shell root access?

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  1. twister6

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    I came across a guide on XDA forum to bypass screen lock. I'm connected to my work's Exchange server to retrieve emails and once I setup account - they automatically required me to use num-lock screen. Very annoying since I have to use it every single time I turn screen on.

    The command was very easy, "adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key". When I run it I get "permission denied". From what I read, it has nothing to do with rooted/unrooted but rather with OEM giving access to adb shell. Has anybody been able to run such command? or have any insight about it or how to gain access to it?

  2. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    the directory by default is not r/w and using rm(deleting-unlinking) on a file inside the directory should require r/w access.root is required to chmod the directory.

    Erm... if anything---- id root the phone .then boot to recovery and try adb while in recovery. That said , you can't get # with su while the phone is fully booted anyway because you can't get past lockscreen to grant su access with the onscreen dialogue prompt.in recovery su is granted on the fly..
  3. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    Wait a min here.........

    /data/system is r/w by default...

    Twas thinking of rootdir/system...

    if you have busybox installed try busybox rm blah blah
    Possible the applet is not included in stock..

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