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[Verizon] Any help with a bricked Galaxy S4?

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  1. eddieh4444

    eddieh4444 New Member

    Welp, I rooted my phone yesterday, downloaded the AOSP KitKat Official Google Edition tonight, and put the files on my sdcard. Before I installed I wanted to back up my phone though so I installeded ROM Manager, downloaded Clockworkmod Recovery apk, and after installing CWM Recovery via ROM Manager, my phone just shut off completely and is not responsive to any input.
    I've searched high and low on google and I have not found any solutions that work (not even Lejiga's boot repair) - I just figured I'd ask here in case someone can help before getting a new phone tomorrow.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your post.

    There are currently 23 different models of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and over 1,000 different stock Samsung firmware versions, worldwide, covering 3 different Android platforms. Not all issues will affect all models or firmware releases and your answers to the following question/s will help in the forum's answers to your specific query.

    #1 Could you post your Model number and Android version...

    To locate these, go to...

    Settings > More > About device > Model number and Android version

    This will give you the model of Samsung Galaxy S4 that you have and which Android version you are on.

    #2. Your current Firmware, (not just Baseband), version .

    To locate your current firmware version, go to the stock, Samsung, dial pad and type in...


    This will give you your, "Version", details in full, usually 3 lines of information, AP: CP: CSC:, which may all be relevant.

    *** If code *#1234# has been disabled on your firmware, you can download and install, free from the Play Store, Phone Info and it will give you, under Firmware Info... PDA, Baseband, CSC, versions.

    #3. Also helpful would be your carrier, (service provider), location, (UK, India, Russia, USA, etc: ), and if your phone is rooted or not and running a custom ROM, (give details).

    Thanks. The above helps us to help you and hopefully someone will be able to reply to you shortly. :)

    For more information, see, http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s4/760098-23-galaxy-s4-models-know-yours.html#post6099681

    (Tip: You can go to the green bar at the top of this forum and click on, "User CP", which will take you to your User Control Panel and then select, "Edit your details", under the heading, "Your profile", on the left hand side. Here you can fill in your model and firmware under, "Current devices", in, "Additional Information". This ensures that your device details are shown under your user name on the left, in every post you make. You can update this as often as you like and will help other users immediately identify your current phone and firmware details.)
  3. eddieh4444

    eddieh4444 New Member

    I'm in the US. I have Verizon and my firmaware was 4.3x (It was the latest Verizon version). The model is the SCH-1545. Thanks!
  4. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    You can't run AOSP. VERIZON has the bootloader locked down tight. Once rooted your only option for custom roms is safestrap recovery. Then only TouchWiz based roms.
  5. eddieh4444

    eddieh4444 New Member

    This is the rom I was planning to install. Would it not have worked?

    *Sorry, you were right. It's a custom ROM for Verizon GS4 users with the features of AOSP.

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