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  1. novasom

    novasom Member

    Hello everyone. My company wants to record phone calls on the on call clinical cell phone hosted by Verizon. We puchased a Droid Bionic to do so but it turns out the phone does not pick up Voice UpLink recording. We tested the app Auto Call Recorder from the market on my personal Sprint Galaxy S2 phone and it worked like a charm. We didnt think the phone would not be able to find the app on the market let alone not record the calls! If anyone could help us out and provide us with a phone that will record calls (Voice Uplink NOT Mic) and an App that will do the job (one that works with the phone). I tested the phones in the Verizon store and the only one that found the app I used was the Lucid, however it would not record through Voice UpLink, only Mic and it sounded like crap.
    Please throw any suggestions our way as we need this done ASAP!
    Thank you very much and if you need more details just let me know. Thanks!

  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    "Voice Uplink"? Explain what you mean I don't understand. Is that like an app or a service or what?
  3. novasom

    novasom Member

    Voice Uplink is one recording method apps use to record a call. It pulls the data directly from the source instead of with a mic. It has great quality, no background noises or static (given the circumstances). We dont want a sloppy recording from a mic, we want a direct line recorder. Ive tried a lot of apps, some dont work, some dont support voice uplink, but most importantly, I cant find a Verizoin Phone that does any call recording! Please help. Thanks!
  4. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Just to clear up my confusion, if I wanted to use "Voice Uplink", how would I begin to use it on my phone? Do I download an app, or access a service, or ?????

    What's the first thing I would do? Also, does the person on the other end of my call know I am recording thier/our conversation?
  5. novasom

    novasom Member

    Replying to dirkbonn -- First you would download the recording app. Each app supports various recording types. The ones I notice on all call recording apps are... Mic, Voice Uplink and Voice Downlink. Within the Settings of the call recording app, you set the recording method as voice uplink and you can also select the file type the recording saves as and where it will save on the phone or sd card. Once that is set up, when you make or receive a phone call the auto call recording will automatically start in the background and record the call no matter how long it is. Since we are a business, we use the phrase "This call is recorded for quality and training purposes" before we speak to any patients. So essentially the person will know the call is being recorded. But in reality, they do not know if you dont tell them.
    Its not like Goggle Voice where it says you are being recorded. You need any more info? Let me know.
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  6. novasom

    novasom Member

    Can anyone on here help me with finding a Verizon Cell Phone that will record calls with an app from the market through Voice Uplink?
  7. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Oh now I see what you mean. I had an app for my Eris that allowed you to record calls directly to your SD card (with your voice on the left channel and the other party on the right), it was called rVoix I believe. Unfortunately, it seems that the ability depends on the chipset of the phone, and therefore, which app you would use as well.

    So there doesn't seem to be a universal way to record calls appwise.
  8. novasom

    novasom Member

    Thats exactly what I am thinking this is going to boil down to. If I stick with the Bionic, is there a way to flash it to a different firmware to make this work? If I go with any other phone, what would be the best and easiest phone to program a certain chipset or firmware to do what I want done? Do I need root access in order to have the functionality to record how I want? Let me know. Thanks!
  9. dobser79

    dobser79 New Member

    For sure but its not an app. recordiapro is probably the easiest way to go. i cant post the link but you should be able to come across them if u google anything phone related or recordiapro . com :)
  10. aacary

    aacary Member

    Does anyone know how good the apps for call recording are in google play? I have a Galaxy3 and havent found any good feedback yet. "Auto Call Recorder" has good reviews but the Galaxy2 owners are complaining only one side of the conversation gets recorded.

    Any suggestions that record two-way and work well for the Galaxy3?

    Looks like the call recorded fine but when I tried to play it back it said file couldnt be played.

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