Verizon blocking WiFi Tether apps

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  1. shpadoinkle

    shpadoinkle Member

    I have been using Open Garden WiFi Tether as well as Barnacle WiFi Tether on a rooted Gingerbread Droid2. Recently, I noticed that when I open one of these apps, the built in hotspot app opens as well. Once a connection has been established via one of the rooted WiFi apps, the computer using the connection can only get to the Verizon page that says you have to sign up and pay extra.

    WTF?? This used to work and now Verizon did some update on their firewall that prevents us from doing the free tethering.

    I found an app that supposedly works despite Verizon's best attempts at stopping it. People said to download the application from this site. I installed this and configured it as stated in a few forums.

    Droid X users seem to have a work around -> DroidModderX -Wugfresh Tether Patch Free Wifi Tether on GB Kernel

    Will this work on Droid2? Can Verizon really track when people do this? If so is it only by consumption of b/w? Is there another way to get this working?

    Sprint is looking better and better every day.

  2. lrv

    lrv Well-Known Member

    Yes, VZW can track it. I would stay away from tethering, as they're currently on the lookout for it.
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  3. shpadoinkle

    shpadoinkle Member

    will do. thanks.
  4. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    I've been using PDA Net, via USB tether, and they have an option to mask the usage.

    Whether or not masking works or not, I'm not sure, but I haven't experience any negative effects on my 3G connection nor the speed of said connection.
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  5. shpadoinkle

    shpadoinkle Member

    I am also able to get a PDA Net like app working. I paid $10 for Easy Tether Pro when it was still available on the Android Market. Here is the complicated way to get a hotspot going without forking over the extra fee to Verizon...

    Easy Tether Pro or PDA Net + laptop + Connectify = free hotspot goodness

    *I have not tried to use Connectify with my usb tethering app yet but I assume it will work*
  6. JDunc

    JDunc Well-Known Member

  7. Padron26

    Padron26 Well-Known Member

    my droid 2 is rooted and when i run barnacle wifi tether, pda net they all give me a nat error or this kernel not supported. i cant get any of the tethering apps to work.

    i rooted using petes root, uperuser is there and asks for permission.
  8. JDunc

    JDunc Well-Known Member

    Did you try the one I gave a link to? Like I said, never had trouble with it on any ROM nor on Froyo or Gingerbread.
  9. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    I second that.
  10. Padron26

    Padron26 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that is the same link I use for other phones.
    I use version 207.
    But on my Droid2 I get a limited access message on every device that I try to tether to.
    It worked fine until the update.

    Edit I've tried the newer versions with the same result. Limited access.
  11. dwalker629

    dwalker629 New Member

    Anyone have any updates on this situation? I still am not able to tether my rooted droid 2 global. I have the wireless tethering version 2.0.7 installed. I have another wifi tether program (WiFi Tether version 3.1-beta6***BETA-VERSION***) and I have Barnacle Wifi Tether version 0.6.7 (evo).

    I am trying to tether to my Nook Tablet, but I can't get any of these to work now. Every time I try it, my Nook Tablet connects to the wi-fi, but then automatically directs me to the Verizon Mobile Hotspot page which then wants me to pay $20 a month to get it working.

    Any help would be great.
  12. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    I haven't ventured into WiFi Hotspot'ing, still using USB tether'ing. If I can come up with a solution I'll report back!
  13. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

  14. sparrow323

    sparrow323 New Member

    We already pay for unlimited or a certain amount of access to the internet. I can't understand why we have to pay more to use it the way we want to. If we want to use it all in one day on tethering a laptop or a pad we should be allowed to. We may even by more to waist on tethering. What's the difference how we use it if we are paying for it?

    I use tethering for my pad for school because the phone screen is not large enough for me to read. Still my internet I paid for, I am just transferring it temporarily to MY other machine for a larger image. If I am paying for it why should it matter which of MY machines I use it on?

    And what about us people who are not verizon customers but customers of someone using verizon towers? we are technically not using Verizon as a carrier... so why should we pay Verizon for it?

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