[Verizon] [BOOT ANIMATION] ICS by BlackDino (updated 1/3/12)

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  1. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    This is an optimized version of the stock Galaxy Nexus boot animation. Richer colors and deep blacks that only our gorgeous SAMOLED can display. It looks great. Compatible with 4.0.3 roms.

    Animation Link

    Md5 = F2404526D86B5ECDFCAD3526028D32F0

    Updated 1/3/12: further enhanced ICS Sharp (qHD) and Optimized boot animation. Put zip on sd card, flash in CWM, and behold :D

    Thx blackdino & the theroosevelt!


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  2. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    Haha, it seems like I've been replying to all of your threads, but maybe it's just that you have a ton of awesome threads :p

    Anyway, this is the one I've been using for a while, and obviously like it better than the stock animation just because the purplish black background was irritating me before. The only thing that bothers me is that it's still sort of fuzzy. It doesn't seem to take full advantage of the fact that the screen is 720p. I hope blackdino or someone else makes a crisper version.

    Heck, I might look into it. I unzipped the file and it seems like the animation is just made of of some still frames that are only 360x640 rather than full 720p. I would upscale them but there must be a reason that BlackDino didn't do it himself...

    edit: ah...
    I'll give it a shot then ;)
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  3. rexdog1888

    rexdog1888 Well-Known Member

    Please post ur upscaled one if u succeed in making it.
  4. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member


    Yes please let us know if you re-create this in a higher resolution I want :D

    And thanks!
  5. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I'm using this too.
  6. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    I finished upscaling them (don't worry, I partied for New Year's in between too :p) and sent them to BlackDino so he can repack them. Hopefully he does me that favor because I have no idea how boot animations are supposed to be built, I just edited the images.

    The upscaling isn't perfect, because crisp perfection is unfortunately impossible, but I did try to lose as little quality as possible. It's definitely much crisper than before.

    Here's an example of one frame (make sure to view full size)

    Before (artificially resized)




    If you don't think you see a difference, open both images in new tabs and switch between them. Hopefully you're impressed :cool:

    On the Gnex screen, the fuzziness would be even more negligible.

    Now just to wait on a response from BlackDino.
  7. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Nice, thanks!
  8. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Oh I see a big difference! Thx for doing this look forward :)
  9. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    Call me crazy, but I'm so sick of this boot ani. Definitely my own fault as I used it for a couple months on my TB. I've been using the stock Nexus One and Nexus S boot ani. Doesn't utilize the entire screen like the stock GNex does, but it represents the Nexus brand more and that's a win in my book
  10. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    Progress report: Here's a flashable ZIP for the 720p HD version as it stands right now

    Unfortunately, since higher resolution means higher file size, the animation is quite a bit more choppy than the lower resolution one. I'm looking into ways to decrease file size as much as possible without sacrificing image quality.
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  11. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Awesome thanks a ton for doing this!
  12. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    Wow! Keep up the good work, TR!
  13. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    Here's the final that BlackDino was kind enough to pack for me. Dino had to resize them to qHD, but that's still leaps and bounds above the 360x640 that the animation was before. I can't flash it right now to test it, but it should work smoothly and look much crisper than the original. Let me know if that's not the case.



    Use adb or Root Explorer to put the bootanimation.zip file in /data/local
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  14. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Hmm... When I try to install it in CWM, it just says "installation aborted" with no further information.
  15. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Use root explorer and extract the bootanimation.zip and then paste in either /system/media or /data/local then reboot, no need to install via CWM IMO;)
  16. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was going to do that that but just thought he'd like to know about the error ;). Thanks though!

    edit: ah, after looking at the zip file, the issue is that it's not a CWM-installable zip. It's just the bootanimation.zip that needs to be moved, raw, into the right location.
  17. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Exactly. System/media is where mine is currently. I usually rename it just in case I hate the one I'm uploading. Root Explorer with a r/w should do it.
  18. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you just have to move it to /data/local in 4.0.3 or /system/media (or the /data/local folder works too) in 4.0.2. Sorry, should've mentioned that.
  19. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I thyink both locations should work in either 4.0.2 or 4.0.3 as well as any version of android since at least 2.0.1 I believe. A factory reset will eliminate the one in /data/local but leave the one in /system/media. I also don't think you need root access to paste it in /data/local (which overrides any boot animation in /system/media)
  20. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    JaeKar99 over on Rootzwiki told me that 4.0.3 looks in /data/local for the bootanimation.zip file.
  21. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    Update: ICS Sharp (qHD) and Optimized boot animation CWM Flashable


    Just flash in CWM, no need to mess around in the file system ;)

    Thanks again to BlackDino.
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  22. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I am on a 4.0.3 rom using the stock boot animation and the zip is in /system/media there is nothing in /data/local beyond cache files. If you put it in /data/local it will override anything in /system/media but the default location for boot animations is /system/media since that is a protected area and you have to have root access to do anything to it otherwise a factory reset would erase your boot animation.
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  23. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    All right, thanks for clearing that up. Anyway, I just posted the flashable ZIP so there's no reason to muck about in the filesystem at all now :p
  24. jimmypop13

    jimmypop13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah you need root. I just tried and my data folder appears empty :-(
  25. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    It should be a free r/w folder, maybe the contents are protected but you should be able to ADB push the file to there.

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