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[Verizon] Bye-Bye Google Wallet?

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  1. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    I hear that tap and pay on the Google Wallet app is going away after April 14th unless you're running KitKat. They're going to Host Card Emulation instead of the hardware Secure Element (which I get), but you think they'd have waited until most people were - wait for it - RUNNING KITKAT ON THEIR PHONES? For God's sake Google - what are you thinking? PLEASE don't make me have to go to Isis :banghead: !

    BTW, will GW work on 4.3 and below if you're running an older version of the app? Will the HCE switch allow GW to work on KitKat-updated carrier phones that prohibited it previously? Any answers appreciated on these.

  2. SirEagle

    SirEagle Well-Known Member

    uuummmmmmmmmm........ FYI............... most people are running KitKat. They're just not on VZW.
  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Host card emulation is part of KitKat.

    Without it, you won't have it and will use the secure element

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