[Verizon] Carriers That Work With An Unlocked VZW Galaxy Nexus

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  1. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member


    I love my phone and will only sell it if the Galaxy Nexus 2 arrives or if the Galaxy Note 2 comes to Verizon Wireless.


    (1) If I were to sell my Galaxy Nexus and unlock it, which carriers would work on it? I have the Verizon Wireless 4GLTE version.

    (2) Would Straighttalk work on it?

  2. bubbalv29

    bubbalv29 Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing it'll only work with Verizon. That is the carrier it's made for, and I'm positive it'll be the only carrier with compatible LTE.
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  3. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    There is no "unlocking" to any US CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) phone. Some smaller no-contract carriers like Cricket or Straighttalk may be able to flash it to work on their network since they just use Verizon's towers for their network. At least I've known Cricket to do it in my area. Bubba is right though; LTE will only work on Verizon, so using it on any other carrier will limit it to a 3G only phone.

    If you're going to sell it, you're probably best off selling it as is and to another Verizon customer. You'd be lucky to get much over $200 for it at this point too from what I've seen in the classifieds on this forum and others though. The GSM Nexus is actually selling for considerably more despite it only having half of the the internal storage since it can be used on any GSM carrier due to its pentaband radios.
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  4. DoctorEyeSight

    DoctorEyeSight Well-Known Member


    My friend wants to buy any gsm phone and use it on Straighttalk. Currently, in the market, what's a hot gsm phone?

    Their budget is $200 and they want fast speed browsing, live webcam and good quality camera.

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