[Verizon] Custom kernel?

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  1. jkc120

    jkc120 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone running a custom kernel with an AOSP-based ROM yet (e.g. CM/AOKP/PA)?

    I'm interested in the battery savings (although TBH so far AOKP with the stock kernel is amazing battery life) but also to see if it fixes the minor stuttering seen in some cases.

    I was hoping faux would have a AOSP kernel, but so far he has only done a TW kernel. And it looks like no leankernel support (which I ran on my gnex) as of yet.

    Curious what kernels are out there and if they're better for interactivity/reduction of stutter and if the battery life is good.

  2. jkc120

    jkc120 Well-Known Member

  3. HaloGod

    HaloGod Member

    I would like to flash this kernel on my s4 im rooted through the motochopper\pre-release kernal method and now running the verizon stock kernel. Do you have a quick step by step tutorial on how i can flash this kernel since its been a while? I assumed it was as easy as loading the kernel on odin and just flashing my rooted s4.
  4. HaloGod

    HaloGod Member

    never mind got it flashed, setting the gpu frequency to 600 doesn't yield a good improvement

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