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  1. i3enny

    i3enny Member

    I just thought it was comical tonight while on the phone with customer support about the data
    drops.... The 2nd tier support guy agrees to send me a new phone because mine, like most everyone else, has had problems dropping data. I asked him before we hung up if this was a common problem with this phone.... he actually said "NO, not this model.... " I guess he hasnt been on the forums...

  2. wildkitten

    wildkitten Well-Known Member

    When he said no, not this model, that could mean that he is aware of the data drop issue and that it's an overall thing, not a Bionic thing.
  3. i3enny

    i3enny Member

    Maybe so; unfortunately though, I dont know of anyone else with a Verizon 4g phone that is suffering data
    drops like I have been. I personally hope it is a phone related thing and not a network issue as a whole.
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    The RAZR and Galaxy Nexus have both been suffering grin data drops, to name a few.
  5. conanbarb

    conanbarb Member

    I live in AZ and I have great 4G coverage and no data drops. I just spent a couple weeks in NC and the data drops were constantly happening. Now I'm back in AZ with no data drops.

    In my case it's obviously the area and not the phone. I'd venture to say that is probably the case for a lot of people regardless of the phone.
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  6. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Well-Known Member

    Yeah i live in NC and the drops have been terrible for about 2 months. Just updated to the ICS update few days ago and things are great again, not a single drop.
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  7. i3enny

    i3enny Member

    So the latest update from my issues:
    The first time calling resulted in them sending me a replacement phone. Unfortunately that still had data drops at the same rate as before...
    The next call resulted in getting a new sim card.... that still had trouble.
    The third call resulted in a trouble ticket and "resolution in several days" . Well, I called today and the customer support guy read the note and made comment that "
    well, the data drops are a well known issue with Motorola phones, especially Bionic and razr.... It has been a software issue and we have been in contact with motorola for resolution." The cust rep made note that they have been working on a software upgrade since June and should be pushed out "soon". He couldnt give me more details about that push... ICS?? So needless to say, there is nothing they can do about the data drops, just have to wait and see if the updates fix the issue.
    I still find it comical the first rep I talked to made comment that he hadnt heard of any of the Bionics having this data drop issue... Clearly they are aware due to the "Large number of motorola devices experiencing this problem"
  8. wildkitten

    wildkitten Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's limited to Motorola phones. As someone else said, even the Galaxy Nexus has it's issues.

    Personally I believe it's one of two things, possibly even a combination. One, Verizon has some tower or network problems in some areas related to 4G. Some areas work fine, others seem to not. Two, it could be an issue with Google services.

    I wish there was a way to know if the areas where people have had no data drop if in those areas Verizon does not share a tower or towers with other cell companies. The reason I think at least part of the problem is on some data drops, it stops showing 4G LTE next to the bars altogether, not showing anything and the bars go white. Now voice isn't affected, voice service has been wonderful constantly.

    But other times when data seems affected is that it will go from blue to white but the 4G LTE will stay next to it. Some apps seem to lose data connection when this happens yet others don't. From my understanding, this means it's losing connection to Google services.

    Now my thing about Verizon sharing towers comes from the fact that a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine took a day trip out of town and she is on Sprint with a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. That day there was some data drops fairly regularly. Oddly enough, her phone experienced these drops as well at the same time. It happened both in town and out of town when we were obviously on different towers. So I honestly don't know. For all I know this could be an issue with 4G LTE technology.

    But I don't believe it's just limited to Bionics or even just Motorola phones.
  9. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Well-Known Member

    My buddy's got a Samsung Droid Charge & is also experiencing the drops pretty frequently.
  10. x026092

    x026092 Well-Known Member

    My drops are more site specific. Whenever I drive thru certain areas, it happens... must be more software than hardware since it was better when with .902 (??) & came back with .905. I live in a mostly 4G area now so I really can't complain. It was tougher during the change over period.
    As for the VZW tech.... they are alot like mushrooms.... kept in the dark & fed $h1t.
  11. Adara

    Adara Well-Known Member

    Man, I've been through the whole thing from VZW, same as the OP (new SIM card, new Bionic, trouble tickets with no resolution....) The only difference is my trouble tickets tried to blame it on my house not being located in a good 4G area (never mind that it happens in places besides my house) -- nobody ever admitted that this was a known problem with Motorola phones.

    In fact, when they couldn't solve it, they offered to send me a RAZR, which I think is pretty darned funny if they know it's a known problem with Motorola phones.

    ANYWAY, the reason I'm chiming in on this thread is: what about 3G? I mean, before I had a Bionic, I had SOLID 3G coverage on my OG Droid (even at my house). So why is it that when the Bionic drops 4G, it doesn't pick up the 3G, but instead just goes dataless? Is THAT a problem with the PHONE (regardless of the cause of the 4G drops)?
  12. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

  13. wildkitten

    wildkitten Well-Known Member

    I just don't think it's a problem with Motorola phones because way to many people with non Motorola phones have it too.

    X026092, when you talk about going through certain areas that it happens, I wonder if those areas you notice it is an area where Verizon shares a tower with someone else and when it's solid it's their own tower. That guess could be way off on my part, but the thing that makes me wonder about it was seeing my friend with a Sprint Samsung phone see the same data drops at the same time as I did. The only thing I can think of is if Verizon and Sprint (and someone else) shares a tower, their signals may be interfering somehow.
  14. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    I have a Verizon LTE MI-FI hotspot in my living room. with .904 and.905 my Bionic use to experience data drops while the MI-FI never skipped a beat. That hasn't happened once with the ICS leaks so for me at least the problem was the phone with stock Gingerbread. The results in your area may very.
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  15. i3enny

    i3enny Member

    Adara- I asked the same question about the phone not switching to 3g when it loses 4g and they had no answer. They kept saying that a software update should fix that. I guess we'll see. Its frustrating at times to have a decent phone become a paperweight.
  16. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    This. The update that they have been working on since June is, in fact, the ICS update. The first working leak was found on June 21, and since then we have found 6 more working leaks, and one more non working leak.

    The good thing is that if you are on Stock 5.9.905 you can apply any of the leaks found. There is a problem that with the last two working leaks, you cannot go back to .905 if you don't like it, but with the first 5 leaks you can always go back to stock 5.9.902 our 5.9.905.

    The really good thing is that you don't need to be rooted to apply the leaked updates, nor do you need to root to go back to stock.

    I started to have decent data service when 5.9.902 came out, and it got better with the 5.9.904 leak, but when the 5.9.905 leak came out (which later became official OTA update) my area also (finally!) received 4G, and 5.9.905 acted great for about the first two weeks, then it went to Hades in a handbasket.

    When the first ICS leak came out, i missed it, b/c the second leak was found the same day, so i jumped on that one, and i can say that i have not looked back since, always moving forward to the next newest leak. The connectivity is superb, handoff to and from 3G is perfectly solid, and even when others have had connectivity issues standing right beside me my BIONIC had connected flawlessly, except for a couple of instances of major outages around here where EVERYONE was affected.

    My advice is this: since the leaks are applied just like an OTA update, you'll not lose your settings, your apps, or anything. Take an update, namely 6.7.230 or 6.7.232, apply it, and watch your face break into a grin randomly over the next several days as you realize just how AWESOME thus 11 MONTH OLD phone is.

    The beauty of RSD Lite, the utility that you use to flash the phone back to pure stock, such as 5.9.905, is that you can edit the script file result to prevent it from also erasing your apps, settings, and internal storage, meaning that even if you need to revert back to Gingerbread, you can do so without losing your data. Again, all of this requires NO rooting of your phone. With RSD Lite, you can also revert the phone to pure stock in the event that you need to send it in for a replacement.

    It really is a win-win situation, so stop bickering with VZW, get 6.7.230 or 6.7.232 (I recommend .232), flash it, and be prepared for Awesomeness abounding.

    Seriously, for 15 minutes of work, you'll have weeks of headache free use if your phone.

    If you have any other questions, concerns, etc. please do NOT PM me. Put it in this thread or another thread in the forums so all our users can benefit. Feel free, however, to PM me a link to a post / thread you want me to look at / answer.

    I'm being dead serious. These ICS leaks will solve more than 99% of all connectivity issues that are not created by sitewide service issues (those that are VZW problems). And since you can take the leaks back off, you really have NOTHING to lose.
  17. wildkitten

    wildkitten Well-Known Member

    I added the emphasis to that part of your comment because that is where my entire confusion has been. If it was a problem with .905, why didn't it start immediately? And for me, I started seeing issues just a few days before 905 went OTA when I was on 902 and 902 had always been great.

    Now I have no doubt that the ICS has likely fixed the problem, but to me, it seems like the problem had to do with more than just the Bionic's software, especially since other model phones, even from other manufactures, have had data drops as well. And it hasn't been happening to everyone, and some yet see issues in one area and not in others. Wouldn't this be indicative of Verizon doing something network wise in some areas?
  18. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    ... and being i a 3G-only area I never experienced any of the data drops during that period.

    ... Thom
  19. x026092

    x026092 Well-Known Member

    It is a dead spot as I approach & cross over I-95 (in MD) from the east. It does not happen the other way. It went away after the .902 OTA & reappeared after the .905 OTA. This leads be to think it is a software/VZW issue more than a tower/MOTO issue. Although it could be the software is not sening the tower quick enough. Hopefully the ICS OTA will fix this.
  20. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    4G phones use EHPRD to connect to 3G, not standard EVDO. When 4G dies, there is no competent handoff occuring because the phone still thinks 4G is available because the tower is 4G compatible. Verizon had many issues with their IMS system and I suspect there are still signalling issues as the phones with outdated firmware flood the IMS system. Change the phone all you want, it won't really help.
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