[Verizon] Development device ID?

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  1. griff_opie

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    What is the Development device ID for? It's under Settings - Developer options.

  2. griff_opie

    griff_opie Member

    Does anybody else even have this?
  3. ImgBurn

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    Development Device ID

    Every phone running ICS has one. Identity that uniquely identifies current device.

    Device ID changes every time you wipe the phone to install a new ROM. It's sort of like Android_ID, but for development identification only to be used by a developer internally.

    And every time you sign into Google music on your newly wiped phone it registers as a new device. after so many different flashes and roms you will get a notice that you have too many devices on your music account. when you sign into your music (form a computer) you will see all of your phone's from each time you've wiped and signed back in again. just remove the old ones.

    Hope this Helps
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