Verizon Discontinuing LG RevolutionGeneral

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  1. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    From GottaBeMobile. Says it's putting an end-of-life signal on the Revo.

  2. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Someone is full of shit because Verizon wont stop selling the stupid Revo and will let it go out with problems. They keep wanting to send me another refurbished Revo but I say hell no give me a new phone all together. FN Verizon
  3. Hawkeye1936

    Hawkeye1936 New Member

    I've had my "new" Revolution in three times for a black out screen problem when making 3 way calls. They say they can't find anything wrong with it. They told me they can exchange it, but for a refurb. one which eliminates my warranty on this one. I can't see trading in one problem phone for another. Have you had any luck getting a new one? Are you wanting a new Revolution or a new some other kind?
  4. bulldog69

    bulldog69 Active Member

    They gave me an early upgrade to a Razr, had 6 months to go. Just couldn't take the Revo anymore

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