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[VERIZON] does foxfi workSupport

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  1. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    For those on verizon does foxfi work?
    we are getting ready to go on vacation and the kids would like to use their ipod touches to check there emails while we are gone. thats about all it will be used for. so wondering if it works or not.

  2. dmanindfw

    dmanindfw Well-Known Member

    I would like to know this as well. Foxfi works great on my DX...hoping it does on the S3 too
  3. Kneeoil

    Kneeoil Active Member

  4. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    i saw that thread but i did a search last night. thank you. and can't wait for your results.
    also if you could say if its bluetooth only or if it is wifi mode
  5. mkymkyxp

    mkymkyxp Member

    Works fine for me.
  6. fevs

    fevs Member

    just checked, Wifi isnt working on mine. Its not showing up as a wifi conection
  7. legalkill

    legalkill Well-Known Member

    yes, does work. You may have to give it a sec and keep trying. Using it to post this now.
  8. _Aardvark

    _Aardvark Well-Known Member

    Seconded. Tried it this morning and it worked fine, connected my wifi-only kindle to it, worked like a charm. I didn't enable any security, I used only the default settings.
  9. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    thank you for all the replies... looks like for most it will work. those that dont maybe a setting on their phone
  10. Kneeoil

    Kneeoil Active Member

    Worked for me tonight as well. Yippee! VZW S3 connected my work laptop to the internet wirelessly.
  11. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member

    Rooted or unrooted? Not really clear from the tethering post.
  12. fevs

    fevs Member

    Ok My mistake, I tried it again and it works good.
  13. legalkill

    legalkill Well-Known Member

    Foxfi specifically works for unrooted phones which is the magic. Mine not rooted.
    laptopquestion likes this.
  14. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Well-Known Member

    Foxfi is simply amazing. Another reason I ditched apple.
  15. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I guess the one and only "positive" of capped data is the carriers are not as concerned about this app since either way, they get their money ;)

    The carriers are counting on the unlimited folks to slowly but surely die off.
  16. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    My home internet was down all day yesterday and is going up and down today. I've been using Foxfi and it works great, although it does sometimes have trouble connecting at first. My computer sometimes has trouble finding it.

    I tried the Foxfi addon because I thought it would let me see and manage the connected users but it didn't. Is there any way to see who's connected to the hotspot?
  17. smguy101

    smguy101 Well-Known Member

    SVTP Wifi Tether also works, but you have to pay for the app.
  18. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    I know that FoxFi works, I set it up tonight with my Moto Droid RAZR MAXX and my Nexus 7 and it worked great. My question is: does it mask the tethering from Verizon? I'm still on an unlimited data plan and I would really like to keep from getting that surprise phone bill from Verizon if they discover that I'm tethering...
  19. outchillaxing

    outchillaxing Member

    I don't think any data used from tethering is masked even with a rooted tether. No matter how you tether you are still using data. On that note, my brothers and I been using upwards of 60 to 100gb every month on a family plan ever since 4g phones were introduced. No crazy bill yet. Hope I don't jinx it :)
  20. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    It was recently announced that Verizon can't penalize anyone on a shared data plan for tethering. However, it's unclear and possible that Verizon can still go after people that tether who are on unlimited data plans (like me). I would prefer not to find out.

    The documentation for Foxfi suggests that you can mask the external data usage by setting up a proxy server on your phone. I was able to setup a proxy today and connect with my tablet and surf the web. Now I have to wait and watch my bill to see if Verizon catches on...
  21. outchillaxing

    outchillaxing Member

    I was never aware of setting up a proxy. Guess i should read the disclaimers more often now. I dont want any of us to lose our unlimited or get charged for it. But it's so hard for them to prove that you are tethering though. unless you are downloading and using upwards of 100gb on just one line, am i wrong on this?
  22. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    Honestly I don't know if they have a way to tell. But I have read a few horror stories where people have received bills from Verizon where Verizon has detected tethering and charges for the data usage.

    I prefer to be prepared...
  23. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    The chances of using foxfi and getting caught is like pirating movies. Can it technically happen? I guess. Will it? No.
  24. whitefarmhouse

    whitefarmhouse New Member

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get FoxFi to work. My computer finds it, and says it's connected, but it says there is no Internet Connectivity in the Access Type. I've tried changing the FoxFi name to a longer one, and it still won't work. If you have any ideas, please pretend you're helping a 5 year old with a problem - that's about my level of understanding with all this stuff.
  25. In the FoxFi app, uncheck "Activate Wifi Hotspot" then put the checkmark back in. (re-enable it), try to connect. This happens to me quite alot. Another fix is to reboot the phone.

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