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  1. beldandy561

    beldandy561 Member

    I am late in posting this tid bit, but I have been pretty sick today and sleeping.

    Anyway at about 3:30am this morning Verizon pushed out a firmware update for customers with the original Galaxy tab 7 bumping them from 2.2.0 to 2.3.5. Gingerbread baby!

    I am in beaumont Tx, the update took about 10min and went off without any problems.

    performance across the board has definitly been improved and I am hopefull that this may mean they might try and update us to honycomb so we don't feal too lost when everyone else with slitely better gear gets bumped to android 4.0

    Anyway, no one else was reporting this and I wanted to get the word out!

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Google has stated that anything that can run 2.3 should be able to run 4.0. So you're actually more likely to get 4.0 than 3.2.
  3. beldandy561

    beldandy561 Member

    true, but I have noticed that since the jump to ginger, the amount of ram being used in general has gone up by about 100 megs. This is starting to max out the amount of available ram I have. I launch a labor intensive game (nova2 or earth & Legend) and jump on the net my ram is used up.

    sure I could probably run icecream but with the limited amount of ram not much else. so that is why I am more looking forward to honycomb
  4. iain010100

    iain010100 New Member

    I accepted the update prompt on my Tab this afternoon and for seven hours my screen has since been stuck on the Verizon boot animation. Any way to revert or get it to update correctly?
  5. beldandy561

    beldandy561 Member

    Wow not cool!
    did this happen before or after the reboot the unit requests of you before it can install the update?
    I know that you can get out of the hang-up by holding down the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds to force a total shutdown but I dont know what that will do to your unit as far as the update is concurned. could brick it.:D were you running a rooted os? or was it official verizon version 2.2.0
  6. beldandy561

    beldandy561 Member

    did not mean to add smiley face. was an accident.
  7. joeyjoey749

    joeyjoey749 New Member

    Can anybody tell me how i can upgrade my Galaxy tab 7.0 GT-P1010 to Android 4.0?

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