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Verizon getting tiered plans and HTC Thunderbolt?

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  1. McNugget93

    McNugget93 Member

    I am very upset with Verizon right now and I am look for some suggestions. Firstly, I have had a broken Blackberry Curve since late November and I have been waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt to get released. I am very frustrated with the fact that no one knows when it will be out! I also found out through Phandroid that VZW is going to go to tiered plans which really pisses me off. So before I go and buy a new phone I'm wondering if I should even stay with Verizon. Hopefully we will be grandfathered in with our 2 yr contracts now, but who knows? And maybe I should go with a different provider. ATT and VZW have the best coverage in my area and ATT already has tiered plans. This is such a rip-off! What should I do? Also, since I'm tired of waiting for the Tbolt, should I buy a Droid X and the sell it when the Tbolt does realease, and will I be able to make my money back out of the phone, with the release of the Tbolt?

  2. Jysnwllms

    Jysnwllms Active Member

    I would just stick with Verizon. Like you said your only other viable option is AT&T who already has it. From what I understand only new customers will be forced to tiered data. You and me with contracts are grabdfathered in so we can keep our unlimited if we want, or you can switch to tiered if its cheaper. As for the phone just wait it out. It will be here shortly and buying a Droid x and selling it will get you less then he cost of the tbolt. So you would be spending even more money
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  3. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    Relax. You'll be grandfathered plus you don't know WHAT the plans will be yet. Let's just wait and see and then make the decision that's best for each of us.
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  4. AFGixxeR

    AFGixxeR Well-Known Member

    so ur saying when my contract is up in 11/2012 I will be grandfathered in for unlimited data? Sorry im just a little bit confused
  5. Jysnwllms

    Jysnwllms Active Member

    Yes. Existing Verizon customers will get to keep their unlimited data if they so choose. However, like on AT&T, some tiered options may be cheaper then the unlimited and as long as you don't use as much data. Your bill will be cheaper
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  6. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    If I was you find another alternative. Yes, Verizon has the best coverage, but ya know what? People have T-Mobile, Sprint and even prepaid and they make it work for them. Yeah you may lose signal from time to time but its dooable. If you are a slave to your phone and want to play on it all day long and do alot of traveling you may feel you need to stick to the big two. But unless you live out in an area that just gets Verizon and AT&T I would seriously consider going elsewhere.

    If you travel alot (which most people dont) or even a little there are alternatives you can use while you are gone a week or two. Its just not a good excuse IMO to get an expensive smartphone.

    I had AT&T a year ago and got tired of their games. So I went to a prepaid for awhile to decide my options. I went with BOOST. It was good when I was away from home but unfortunately I lost signal in my house quite a bit. I than went to Sprint in October(was told it was better than their boost signal) It wasnt I lost signal in the exact same place as the BOOST phone.LOL I than went to Verizon and got a couple of faulty phones over the course of two months so was reminded again why I just didnt like dealing with the big two. So I went back to my boost phone(still bad signal in my house) for a couple of months to decide what to do. I decided on another prepaid for the time being. Metro Pcs.

    I chose a Blackberry curve (which I actually really like) and have had great signal so far. YES its not 3g so if I want to go on the internet I have to use wifi or its very slow otherwise. But I have internet on my computer at home so its not an issue. When Im out there is always a wifi signal nearby I can use.

    I plan on going to Tmobile at the end of the summer on their prepaid plans. They have some great blackberrys coming out and the curve I have from metro is to hold me over until than. After the game Verizon has played with their plans and the Thunderbolt. I decided on Tmobile for now. I was going to give Verizon onemore chance with the Thunderbolt but its just not worth it anymore.

    So dont feel you have to go with the big two. Millions of people dont. I find so many people telling themselves its for the service. I really think its for the phones. Ther other carries have very nice phones.(metro has some very nice android phones) They may not have the fastest processors or the best cameras, but I have found (at least for me) that those two things really dont amount to a hill of beans when it is countermanded by the yo yo game and a two year contract. I love the fact that I can change any old time I feel like it.

    In the end though make the choice based on what you really think you need. Afterall they are just phones.
  7. If you are going to be under contract, when the new plan happens, then you are fine, but if you sign up for a new contract, you will have to go to tier. As for the release of the thunderbolt, it maybe awhile, lte is not playing nice with radios right now, rumor is they are getting a lot of interference problems.
  8. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Until you change your device. Im sure after it wont be grandfathered.

    Wonder if they will hold back the release of the thunderbolt until the new plans are in place?
  9. I doubt it, on both cases. They should be nice and wait for you to sign a two year before they trap you into teired pricing. They need to release thunderbolt yesterday. They are really under the gun to prove that lte is better then anything on the market, which is really not the truth.
  10. bamaredwingsfan

    bamaredwingsfan Well-Known Member

    I think verizon is intentionally delaying the T-bolt until they get the tiered data plans in place, cause they don't want you on a T-bolt with unlimited data! My contract is up in bout 5 more months, and if i can score a tbolt before the tiered data hits, then im gonna jump on it, but if not then i may keep my D1 until it literally falls apart or the network won't recognize it anymore.
  11. Depth Afield

    Depth Afield Well-Known Member

    Your basing your doubt solely on what you hope (that verizon is nice). I'd seriously hold off on the feel-good vibe towards VZW until the TB comes out and the plans are in place.

    They are out to make money, not to be nice.
  12. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Looks like that is what they are planning.LOL
  13. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Looks like I was right. That is indeed the case.

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