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data issues related to dbm #'s?

  1. high dbm, data works fine

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  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    My background is science and economics, so everything to me is in the margins of change ;) Having numbers with same OS and radio type provides some sense of trend and then the absolute way is fringe area testing- if the device works at all. That is how I will test, since already know how the Incredible, DX, DX2, Droid 2, Droid 3 and Razr perform. GS3 needs to get er' done in those areas, or I will just hold out for the Razr HD.

    Added: Hoping the results are good :)

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    DROID_SCOTSMAN Well-Known Member

    First and foremost the phone needs to be, well.... a phone. If I have signal issues, I'll be ticked and return it. I was actually hoping to hold out until the new nexus was made (still have my pre-order Droid incredible). I pre-ordered to spare my unlimited data plan, I would suggest if you are in that boat, I would not cancel your pre-order, but rather return the phone within 14 days of receiving and get something else. (sucks but for most unless you started with a 4g phone, this will be the only way to keep the unlimited data plan).

    Anyways, what's the point of unlimited data, if you can never use the phone? I was concerned sammy's phone would have connection issues, but held out hope the qualcomm radios would improve. Either way, I will check it out and see how it works for me and then go from there. Hopefully some folks will do preliminary testing and improve hope for myself...
  3. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    Funny thing about this just released article is it list's top complaints with the latest smartphone's
    The Galaxy Nexus top issues don't mention reception but the Galaxy S3 does. :(

    iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III study reveals biggest smartphone problems
  4. bennybbc

    bennybbc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the "Numbers" don't mean much to me either...But mostly because I don't really understand what they mean or how to interpret them. How about someone VERY briefly explaining what the higher and lower dBm numbers mean with relation to phone reception. I don't need to know all of the science behind it. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is ignorant in this subject. Thanks.

  5. dmanindfw

    dmanindfw Well-Known Member

    Don't have my S3 yet but wanted to test my Droid X using OpenSignal app and use this as a placeholder with the DX's results. Keep in mind this is a 3G phone only. Conditions - at work at desk. Indoors at a building with historically subpar Verizon signal


    Cellular Mode -
    Showing 3 out of 4 bars
    Signal Strength 1 minute range - 57-87%
    Verizon Wireless EVDO A - -83dBm 15asu
    Average Signal 79% -80dBm
    Speed test (averaged across 3 tests): ping 468ms (yuck), download 717kbps, upload 629 kbps

    Quadrant Standard Benchmark (not signal related):
    Total: 1644
    CPU: 1434
    Mem: 1854
    I/O: 2883
    2D: 556
    3D: 1491


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  6. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    This review makes the phone appear to have excellent reception. Almost too good as if a network extender is in the house. There is no signal fluctuation at all...strange.

    YouTube - Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII review
  7. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Well-Known Member

    I get mine on Monday, have a couple co workers with Razrs. I will run the signal app on my DX, run it on the S3 and do some side by side DBM comparison and report back by Tuesday.

    Sorry would get some data sooner but something about NOT HAVING MY PHONE YET VERIZON!
  8. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Well-Known Member

    maybe he is just in a really strong signal area. Although the signal bars appear grey which usually means no internet connection so maybe that isn't the case with the sgs3?
  9. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    Nope if you watch the review he says he's in a rural area with low reception.
  10. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Well-Known Member

    I think really people can't judge anything by what others are getting. It is going to be one of those things that if it works for you it works sort of how the nexus was. Many had issues and many did not.
  11. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    I really want I think i'll have to try it out for myself. I remember the the 1st Moto Droid came out I had excellent reception at home always had full signal which is uncanny where I live.
    I ended up going to another phone but eventually bought another Droid and it never had the signal strength as the first one.

    Considering Samsung is selling these things like hotcakes I expect some quality control issues.

    So yeah I guess your right, I think in some instances reception will vary handset to handset.
  12. 2horses

    2horses Well-Known Member

    I feel so smart (or sad, not sure which one) that I completely comprehend this series of abbreviations and acronyms.....
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  13. 2horses

    2horses Well-Known Member

    I think grey is Samsung's default color for the signal strength indicator - dark gray if no signal, then they lighten up when available. No color change, per se.
  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    But he also came from another carrier and not had LTE before, so probably had nowhere to go but up ;)
  15. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    No problems here folks. Reception is the same as my DROID Charge & even better in places. Bars in my home office 2 to 3. Bars in my bedroom 3 to 4. Went out this afternoon to Best Buy & in areas of town where I would totallying loose data ( no 1x or 3G )w/ my DROID Charge I had 1 to 2 bars w/ the S3. Regarding phone calls, people say I sound clearer & no problems there. So it's all good on my end regarding this topic. Let me know if you boys need anything else on this issue.
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  16. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    treb, be a bud and flip Best Buy off for me :)

    Keep the practical comparisons commin' folks :)

    BTW, a lot of ticked off BB customers, apparently. Me +1 to that.
  17. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    All they said was it would be in stock next week & that they would have both the 16 & 32 GB's
  18. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the update! I Wasn't sure how to respond to this...but the Charge when I briefly had it had pretty poor reception. I only had it for 2 days so I didn't give it a long trial...BUT I had heard that they updated the Charge and it helped quite a bit with reception.

    Once again thanks for the reply...I can imagine how tough it is to pull yourself away and address our concerns and stop discovering more features with the S3 :D Looking forward to Tuesday...that's if Best Buy's word holds true.
  19. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Anything I can do to help. We spend too much $ on these devices to not be happy.
  20. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Like pointed out by some of us, you can't directly compare dbm of 3G GB phone to 4G ICS phone as OS reads signal differently and kind of signal is different. I think it only makes sense to compare SIII on verizon to Gnex, Razr (with ICS) and Dinc 4G just released.
  21. kboss375

    kboss375 Well-Known Member

    Back at my apartment with 4 bars of Ltd
    -87dBm 53asu
  22. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    By the way nearly all have caved in for new devices and gone with the same radios. So that Razr HD is rumored to now have the same radio as the S3. CPU Testing numbers sent also show this. On the LTE side of the house there are a limited number of players in the multi core world. So many if not all have gone to Qualcomm.

    Motorola DROID RAZR HD specs leaked on NenaMark site

    Why Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 has the competition on the defensive | ExtremeTech

    So it seems the only possibility for improvement is the antenna quality which is a pretty standard formula (although Apple found out the hard way how to wrongly do an antenna).

    If Moto has gone by the S4 route then I would think they would have very similar performance.

    Just Sayin...
  23. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Well-Known Member

    gotcha because I know previous devices I used had blue when it had good signal and grey if no signal.
  24. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Well-Known Member

    I am beginning to think all these "signal issues" Is more with verizon's network and how it deals with sim cards more than the phones per say. Before lte I used various phones from various manufacturers and none had issues with reception, where as it seems every lte phone that comes out has some sort of reception at first( that 99% of the time gets fixed via an update) Just seems strange all the sudden these phones that had no issues before start all having reception/data issues.
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  25. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    Interesting you say that...I wondered that myself. Something just doesn't feel natural about not being able to hit *228 and update prl or anything. :hmmmm2:
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