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[Verizon] HELP... Hyperdrive update

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  1. Murray8503

    Murray8503 New Member

    I bought a s4 yesterday that was rooted with hyperdrive. I was originally just going to put the phone back to factory but after I got to playing around with it I decided I liked it the way it was. I'm new to all this rooting stuff so not 100% on this. Im trying to install the new updated hyperdrive software and am having trouble. I rebooted into recovery, did factory reset, wiped cache and dalvik then went to install and found the file I downloaded. When I tried to install it it said failed. What am I doing wrong.? I'm afraid I'm going to fry my phone. Please help!

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If it's upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4 then you need to flash a new bootloader onto the device and upgrade the recovery.

    What version of Hyperdrive are you dealing with?
  3. chadwick108

    chadwick108 Well-Known Member

    Digital is right which baseband are you currently running? Which recovery are you using? What phone model and carrier are you on?
  4. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    I can't get the file to download to my sd card at all. I would like to upgrade also. It gets to about 10 mins left then fails. Any ideas?
  5. chadwick108

    chadwick108 Well-Known Member

    Try to download file on computer the transfer on to phone via USB with such large file you mostly have to go this route with hyperdrive in my findings. Every now and then could get to download onto SD but I had best luck transferring via USB

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