[Verizon] Help switching from TWRP to SafeStrap

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  1. crackface

    crackface Well-Known Member

    Sorry in advance for long read...

    Before originally rooting my S4, I had the following details on OEM:
    Device name: SCH-I545
    Android version: 4.2.2
    Baseband version: I545VRUAMDK
    Kernal version:
    se.infra@SEP-112 # 1
    Mon Apr 29 22:51:22 KST 2013
    Build number: JDQ39.I545VRUAMDK
    Hardware version: I545.06

    Now I didn't keep great records on what I did for a recovery install, but I see when I boot to recovery I have Team Win Recovery Project v2.5.0.2, and has worked find through several installs of HyperDrive custom ROM.

    ***What my goal is, although I'm unsure if realistic - If I remember my last experience on SafeStrap is it gives you multiple ROM slots. My desire would be to have 3 slots:

    1. having a non rooted (if possible) real basic OEM image where I could install Good for Enterprise (currently blocked by our admins for rooted devices). So just a basic stock ROM that I could pull up an use this Good App (and any future apps I needed OEM non rooted environment with).
    2. My main latest stable version of Hyperdrive which I'm quite happy with for everyday use.
    3. A ROM to test the freshest release of Hyperdrive before implementing before full use.

    So let me get down to my questions, assuming SafeStrap offers multiple ROM slots:

    • Do I need I need to first restore to orig image? I think I have one saved back up dated 7-12-12, which I'm not sure is the right OEM one, but seems like It could be. I'm not sure is there is a univeral OEM image floating around I can use to return to stock that might be better approach? I also suspect that my backup up OEM was rooted before I could get to TWRP, so this rooted backup would not be desireable choice for plane jane OEM....just not sure until I test I guess.
    • Once I have older OEM image (or newer one if one is around here for download), I believe I saw the loopholes for aquiring root have changed. I think I can find these myself if I can just get a yay or nay as to whether I'd have to deal with a new root method.
    • I assume at some point I need to remote TWRP if I'm installing safestrap?
    • My root process changes based on new OEM roms right? But maye I don't care if I'm using my old nandroid....dunno.
    • Once I have root, I can install safestrap and then have multiple slots.
    • Then the question is, can I get an OEM install in one of those slots so I can use this app that bombs when root is detected?

    I know I askd a lot of different questions, you don't need to answer all of them, just look for folks to poke holes through my logic before I brick my phone, and offer me any advice and links to assist.

    Thanks in advance for any help or offering of advice, it's GREATLY appreciated. If you tell me a particular piece just needs more extensive searching beyond what I've done, say the word. Easiest way anyone can provide me any help.

  2. chadwick108

    chadwick108 Well-Known Member

    how about we trade devices and i'll take your mdk build over mj7 lol.

    not sure what you are trying to accomplish whether you need exchange email or whether the network you are using can tell if you are rooted? Never heard of this. I have always been fond of safestrap ever since orginal droid. Mainly because you can keep stock rom and boot other roms. To my knowledge must keep root in order to use safestrap unless you rooted safestraped made slot backups then unrooted every time in order have a true stock experience. The only reason I have ever flashed back to stock on any of my device is if I have to take a device back to verizon for some strange reason. Recently had a sim that went bad and had to get a new one and didn't want to take the chance. I have not had as much luck with safestrap on creating more than one slot with safestrap due to the partion sizes. I ended up running hyperdrive RLS15 on stock slot for a while then foxhound in slot one the most recently since I am currently on MJ7 running SS 3.71. Hope this helps! Maybe let know what you are trying to accomplish specifically and hopefully can help out!
  3. crackface

    crackface Well-Known Member

    What I was trying to do is give myself a non-rooted room in a SafeStrap slot where I could run Good for Enterprise, a mobile email app used for my job. They configured the Good system recently to detect rooted devices, and disable the app, which happened on my device. I thought I could maybe have a non rooted ROM running in a slot that I could boot too only when I needed to use that app.

    However, I ran into another snag - I use the Hyperdrive ROM, but I was unable to get it to boot in one of the SafeStrap slots. So for now I've reverted back to TWRP.
  4. chadwick108

    chadwick108 Well-Known Member

    If it is a specific app that checks for root I would download and install root cloak xposed module and enable it then add whatever app you need so that it will not check for root. I recently did this for ISIS wallet and I am currently waiting for secure sim card. I believe xposed is built into most if not all newer hyper drive roms and located in hyper drive tweaks in newer RLS builds. Let me know what you come up with
  5. crackface

    crackface Well-Known Member

    I had Root Cloak Plus installed and setup when they turned on the check for root. Still got app essentially wiped. I did post over on XDA thread for Root Cloak Plus about it. This is why my next option that I could think of was getting a non rooted image up and running. I don't need the app enough to go back completely to non root, but enough I'd love to find alternative method.

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