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  1. Vigi1ante

    Vigi1ante Member

    EDIT: I just said the hell with it and let it update and having frozen apps DOES cause it to fail. Just FYI for anyone else who hits the wrong button. Freezing the update/notifications as I type this.

    I tried searching, but I didn't quite know what to ask or how to search for it.

    I have a Verizon S4 that has rooted TW 4.2.2 on it. I'm rooted because I need TiBu for the amount of stuff I have on it and I've been avoiding the update because I haven't decided on which ROM to flash so I just kept delaying the message.

    Well coming home from work I accidentally pressed the wrong button and instead of hitting "install later" I hit "install now." I quickly pulled the battery out and waited to get home to plug it in. Now it just goes straight into installing the software instead of starting up or giving me the option to install later.

    My questions are:

    How do I stop it now?

    I searched and found out I could've gotten rid of the message, but it won't start up for me to disable the message now.

    If I let it install will whatever version it goes to still allow me to flash ROMs or root?

    It would really suck to go back to my Droid RAZR after having my S4 for over a year. Thanks for all the replies!

  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Moved to the root forum for better visibility.

    My GUESS is that the update will fail due to your phone being rooted, but that's just a guess based on it happening to me on previous phones.
    Let's let the masses join in to see what they have to say.
  3. Vigi1ante

    Vigi1ante Member

    I was kinda hoping that, I have LOTS of frozen bloatware. I was hoping that it would cause it to fail since on my RAZR when I removed the apps permanently from ICS, it was a huge pain getting JB on it.

    BUT I didn't remove them, so I wasn't willing to take the chance that frozen=removed and that the update would ultimately fail.

    If someone has an idea on this I'll let it go through and fail.

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