[Verizon] How is Hyperdrive RSL8 (4.4) vs RSL7 (4.3)?

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  1. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Are the any major differences...more/less bugs, smoothness, performance...i.e. real world stuff difference, not just what is on paper. I am about ready to try 4.4. I am seeing a good bit of bugs (crashes) with the 4.3 version.

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I have found a few bugs... er, undocumented features, but it may just be my phone. For example, I can't change CUSTOM to OFFICIAL: Custom just persists. Small things.

    But this thing sips battery now. I took my phone off the charger at 4 AM, light to moderate use all day, it's 6 PM and I'm at about 50%. I can't speak to the Galaxy S5 tweaks, as I use Apex Pro Launcher and it looks the same as it ever did.

    Getting Hyperdrive 8 onto the phone, however, was a sheer nightmare for me: I ended up having to Odin back to MJE, re-root, then ROM up to Hyperdrive KitKat. I nearly hard-bricked the phone by making a critical error when I was half asleep. What is the critical error? Make a note of this. Write it down. BURN it into your memory:

    Once you are on Hyperdrive 8 and Safestrap 3.72 KitKat, DO NOT REBOOT TO RECOVERY IN HYPERDRIVE! You know why? Because there isn't a custom recovery to reboot into. Safestrap is a recovery hybrid app; not the full-on thing. So as soon as I tapped that button (which you cannot remove, much to my dismay), the phone rebooted to nothing. Then tried it again. And again. Over and over and over. It was stuck in a seemingly perpetual bootloop from which there was no way out... not even with a battery pull.

    Maybe it timed out after so many attempts... maybe it was my fervent prayers that did it :D but she finally booted back normally and all is well.

    So remember not to reboot Hyperdrive into Recovery! You've been warned! If you want to access Recovery, reboot normally and select Recovery in Safestrap. You also can only flash Hyperdrive in the STOCK SLOT: this is a beta release of Safestrap KitKat, and no other slots are supported. Once you have Safestrap 3.72 installed, make sure you also install Busybox.

    All in all, happy to be on 4.4.2 but I find nothing here worth the effort or the risk to attain it. YMMV, of course, and others may crow about their experience. I look forward to their perspectives.
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  3. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Thanks Chief for the update. I had been reading in the other thread about your problems with KitKat. Well, I believe I will just wait and stay on RSL7 then. Since there doesn't seem to be anything dramatic in 8 and from what I've been reading the crashing bugs I see in 7 don't seem to be fixed in 8 either. So, I don't see any benefit for me to move up at the moment. I've got enough stress and problems...I don't need my Note 3 becoming a brick to add to that :)

    I think me, you, and MrClean are the only ones on the forum that are running a rooted Note 3...hardly anyone else ever posts anything.
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  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Well DC, keep in mind that few people will come in here and post things like "Hi! I rooted & ROMmed my Note 3 and everything works great!" No, most posters here have issues that need resolved.

    So if it's just the handful of us posting, that's not because we're the only ones with rooted Note 3s... it's that we're the lucky few with problems :)
  5. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess I'm comparing it to the old Galaxy Nexus forum...we had tons of people in there all the time...not like that in the Note 3 forum.

    Back to a question about Hyperdrive RSL8. Is the biggest then to just boot into SafeStrap from the boot up menu?

    Is there really any difference in anything in the ROM slots? Other than Hyperdrive RSL8 only running in stock slot...I assume there are no differences in the slots?
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  6. tntlassiter

    tntlassiter Well-Known Member

    "Hi! I rooted & ROMmed my Note 3 and everything works great!"
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  7. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    DC, yeah just reboot your phone and go through the safestrap menu to get into the 'recovery' menu. I'm really glad Chief mentioned that point. I hadn't tried that, but I have in the past so that's a good bit of info to have.

    I don't think there is a lot of difference in the ROM slots, someone with more knowledge may be able to elaborate more on that. I just got to the point where I didn't care about having a stock copy on my phone so I've been flashing to the stock slot for awhile now.
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  8. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    There's one in every forum :rolleyes:

  9. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    (I rooted and rommed) ...to SS 3.72 and RLS8. .. On slot 1...and other than the reboot to nowhere and a couple of battery pulls, (my Note3 works great!)

    Just thought I would pop in and see how everyone was doing, and had to respond to that one...

    About the slots.. There is a difference now with the way that SS works with the firmware since the leaked KK build. It's interesting to see that RLS8 build is based on Galaxy S4/5 builds, and again with the difference on how it deals with the firmware. RLS8 on stock slot gives the build more access to modify governors etc... So it's just simply more like a mostly true rooted ROM.

    I wanted to give the slot 1 a try with RLS8.. It actually works for me tho, with deodexed KK on stock slot...
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  10. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Well, I'm going by the information at XDA, which says that the Safestrap 3.72 KitKat beta ONLY works right in the stock slot for now. If you have a ROM running in Slot 1 using 3.72, you would seem to be on thin ice IMO ;)

    But that's you're decision, Ryan. I'm up & running in the stock slot, and love this ROM. Battery life is unreal. There are a few settings that crash, but over all I like it!

    Glad it's working for you :)
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  11. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    What ROM exactly are you running...Hyperdrive RSL8? I may get brave (I mean stupid) and try this...lol!

    Can I restore my stock nandroid to say slot 1 or 2 and then flash Hyperdrive RSL8 into the main stock slot?
  12. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Not right now. NO SLOTS are supported other than the Stock Slot on SafeStrap 3.72 KitKat beta. So your stock ROM goes bye-bye after you nandroid it.

    And yes, I'm on RLS 8 :)
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  13. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    DC you can always Odin back to 4.3 if you don't like 4.4.
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  14. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's what I thought...thanks for backing that up. Still holding out for now :D
  15. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

    I like H7 so much I have no plans to go to H8. Of course you can't choose boot to recovery from H7 either. I did remove it from my power menu so I wouldn't forget. I can't think of any KK features that would make changing worthwhile. I would consider changing if a fully stable safestrap with working slots for KK comes around... But I doubt it. I mean what does KK have to offer? Some say great battery life but some say the opposite. Nothing will give me great battery life anyway since my screen is seldom off! LOL
  16. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Pretty sure the Reboot to Recovery in H7 still crashed the device as I am pretty sure I tried doing this once :p

    Also Rec, from what I have seen the battery life is a lot better, as well as the device just looks a lot better, the toggles look cleaner in my opinion ( i think they changed :) ).

    Otherwise, I was hoping that someone could tell me, I planned on updating to the 4.4 ROMs, but was wondering if I should update safestrap first...then install the 4.4 ROM or vice versa?

    Thanks guys :)
  17. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    I'm with you DC, but I'm more of a noob. Whats the migration path and steps to get from

    Slot 0: VzW stock 4.3 firmware, begging me to get to 4.4 when I jump to this slot on occasion
    Sot 1: HD7
    SafeStrap v3.71

    I understand that I need a newer SafeStrap.
    a) where is the safe/correct one to use?
    b) how do I actually get it installed

    Not sure if putting new SS whips out existing HD7 slot1 or not, but hearing that slot0 MUST be used for HD8. How do I get HD8 into slot 0. And does that mean slot 1 is wiped somehow.

    I've not had to use ODIN or anything like that, and not sure I would be able to get it running on an old XP machine or not. I used Kingo to root, it worked after a number of attempts.
  18. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

  19. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

  20. Willdiver

    Willdiver Well-Known Member

    Odin worked on my old and very slow XP netbook. Just took a little longer. I would recommend having stock .tar files before trying anything. I got it from SAMMOBILE. It's gonna be an overnight download. YouTube and XDA (via Google search) on how to flash with Odin.
    It is time consuming, and a real pain, but it's your get-out-of-jail - free card.
  21. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If you go here to my guide: http://androidforums.com/verizon-ga.../852829-guide-nonrooted-rooted-4-3-4-4-a.html

    Step 6 gives you the right version of Odin to download, and Step 21 tells you how to flash it onto your device :)
  22. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

    If I go to slot 0, go into safestrap app to deactivate it, then use supersu unroot, then unfreeze frozen updater (i forget what it's called), can I then accept the vzw official update, root with the new method, install the new safestrap, back up the stock rom, then install newest Hyperdrive.... Will all that work? Anything I should do differently? I'm unsure about the unroot part especially.

    I know about the unlocked 4.4 update for root but it isn't really the same as stock vzw 4.4
  23. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Well considering the issues people are having with Towelroot and it's effectiveness, I would highly suggest to just follow my guide.

    You can skip a decent amount of the steps if you don't want the stock 4.4.2 on your device, which is a majority of those steps.

    My guide is 100%, towelroot is not.

    However, what you suggested would work, however, pretty sure if you accept the update, you will not be able to go back to 4.3, and if towelroot doesn't work you will be stuck without root until either he fixes it or another method comes out.
  24. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

    Gotta have root! I wanted to try the rooted stock version because Ive read better reviews than the ruu. Also switching to stock would have saved me the trouble of the multistep process to install the ruu. I didn't realize there were big problems with towelroot. Initial reports were excellent. Anyway, if I sell me phone I would just be looking for the easiest way to go 100% stock. Warranty is up so I don't see why the buyer would care if the root counter is tripped although so far mine is not. I was determined to stick with 4.3 but virtually everyone I chat with about it acts like I'm nuts!
  25. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    4.4 has it's upsides, downside is we don't have a 100% root method if you are stuck on 4.4 stock.

    I would definitely consider using my root guide to move up to 4.4 rooted/romed :)

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