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  1. Ok I am in a need of help. I installed the Custom Rom Hyperdrive and I didnt create a slot 1 I installed it in the stock rom so I can have all the memory and not limited. What I want to know is how can i remove the aisstant backup plus from the settings menu? When i go and click on it it crashes the settings menu. i just want it removed from that menu. thanks

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    I have asked the Mods to move your thread to the All Things Root forum for Verizon as they should be in a better position to offer more help to you than this General forum.
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  4. Thanks guys
  5. Anyone know or a fix for this?
  6. I discovered how to fix this and it worked wonders.
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    Care to share what you did? I am wondering the same thing - looking to get rid of that.
    I'm also getting random "gapps has stopped" errors. I'm sure it's a snyc issue, so perhaps it relates to this. But I did what you did, installing over the Stock Rom slot.

    Thanks for the assist!
  8. No problem just make sure you have a copy of stock ROM and files for Odin as back up. But what I did and its not technically getting rid of it but when you go to the settings menu click on the menu softkey and change the view. What that will do is make is still visable but can't be used. Not any big fix but works for me
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  9. When you installed it did you do a cleat cache and dalvik and then factory restore before you installed? I didn't do that once and was getting the same issue but not anymore
  10. This is what the screen looks like now.[​IMG]
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    Ahhhh, got ya. Yeah, I see what you did.

    When I installed the ROM, I know I did a wipe & restore. I've put custom ROMs on many devices, I've learned my lessons for sure! But this is the first time I've used Safestrap. And when I got everything installed, I noticed some previous settings & files were still on the device. I'm betting I needed to do a second wipe/restore. Now, I've got everything all setup how I want it and I don't want to go through the hassle of that again!
    The Gapps error only pops up every so often...I cannot seem to replicate it, just have to wait until it happens. I can live with it.

    When/if full rooting and bootloader unlocking can happen on the VZW S4, I'll go through the whole process then.

    Thanks for the help and the tips!
  12. Care to share screen shots?
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    Of the gapps error? Sure! If/when it happens again. Like I say, it's random. Hasn't happened in a couple of days. Usually only seems to be if I'm running an app for the first time or if there is a lot going on at once.
  14. No i meant of your main home screen
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    Here's the main screen. Not much to see! I keep things basic.

  16. Here's mine[​IMG]

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