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[Verizon] Hyperdrive ROM storage of voice calls

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  1. Vernon27

    Vernon27 Active Member

    Hello All,

    I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the VZW network and installed the latest version of hyperdrive ROM. The ROM has a feature that allows the user to record phone calls. Despite searching high and low I am not able to find where the ROM stores recorded phone calls. Can someone please let me know where on my phone or sdcard are the files stored.

    Thanks :eek:

  2. wilsonb

    wilsonb Member

    I stumbled across the phone recordings using the built in filemanager in HyperDrive (forgot name) if you go to media grouping storage, the recordings will be in there. I had to reflash to stock, so can't check it now.

    It's stored locally. This brings up a point. Would be nice to be able to set save location to SD. I guess for now we can manually move them there.
  3. Vernon27

    Vernon27 Active Member

    Hello Wilsonb,

    Thanks for the information. However, I do not see the folder you mentioned in your response. I rebooted the phone in the hyperdrive ROM and used the Hyperdrive File Manager to look for the folder with no luck. Can u give me a sample filename I can use in my search.


  4. wilsonb

    wilsonb Member

    Again, I am not on HyperDrive anymore since moving to leaked kitkat..
    I don't remember the exact path. I do remember using the stock file manager , the one that categorized file types, and looked at Media group.

    Once a new kitkat version of HyperDrive comes out, I will be sure and install it. Will check then..
  5. Vernon27

    Vernon27 Active Member


    I found an alternative app with will record two way conversation on my rooted Samsung. But it will still be nice to know where hyperdrive stores recorded conversation when u hit the recorder button on the phone screen. :confused:
  6. Chad BH

    Chad BH New Member

    In case this hasnt been solved yet...

    You can easily find the path in Hyperdrive after making atleast one recording.

    Simply go into the Hyperdrive File Manager, select 'Music' and the recordings will be obvious. You can get the properties of the recording too see its path.

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