[Verizon] I encrypted my phone, now I can't decrypt it.

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  1. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    It asks me for a pin to decrypt it every boot. That's fine, I just want to decrypt it. Using clockwork mod, and selecting "factory reset" doesn't do it, it can't mount the internal SD card. Choosing "factory reset" from my phones system menu reboots the phone into recovery, then immediately reboots again back into the phone.

    I'm using Paranoid Android 2.5 now, it's a jelly bean rom. I've googled and even searched here, but it's returning the wrong type of results, this one http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/613958-decrypt-galaxy-s3.html talks about email encryption. help?!?

  2. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    What options does your system security settings show? (spot where you originally enabled encryption)
  3. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    It just says "encrypted" grayed out. That's from memory, it's not near me at the moment.
  4. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Well-Known Member

    As I have read from others, there is no decrypt. The only way to revert is to wipe and start again.
  5. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    I tried to wipe, both from the system menu and clockwork recovery. They can't access /sdcard once it's rebooted because it's encrypted.
  6. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    Odin flash perhaps.
  7. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    I tried ODIN. I have two .md5 files which I downloaded in the past. Both of the installed, but caused a boot loop. One had the default boot up screen, and one just had a nice simple samsung text.

    Neither worked, so I flashed the one with the Verizon screen, downloaded my current rom "Paranoid android" and installed from zip, then installed gapps from zip. The phone is back to life again! I had killed it with ODIN.

    But it's still encrypted?!?! I need to downgrade to a NON JB rom, so that I can use foxfi to tether with it's proxy.

    Does anyone know of a GOOD .md5 file I can use in ODIN to reformat everything, or how to decrypt this phone for good?

    If not, how about a more active/technical forum?
  8. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    The VRALHD ROM linked in the ATR sticky is one that nukes everything except external SD card.
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  9. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    Downloading now, I'll know in a couple hours if this did the trick.
  10. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    Thanks! That file did it! YOU ROCK. Thanks again, I'm running happy now.

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