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  1. vzwdj

    vzwdj Well-Known Member

    I just got off the phone with Costco and they said the Incredible 2 is expected Next Thursday March 31st and the Samsung 4g which they think will be called the Inspiration is due April 7th.

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  2. DFA1

    DFA1 Well-Known Member

    And Costco is privy to this information before everyone else? I doubt this.
  3. BCM

    BCM Well-Known Member

    That would be awesome. I'm in.
  4. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    this would be cool, what state was the costco you called? can you post the number of the costco you called so we can call them as well?
  5. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    the costo in north austin said they didn't know
  6. vzwdj

    vzwdj Well-Known Member

    It was the general wireless advocate number from the costco website.

    They put me on hold and looke din their systems....they said incredible 2 march 31st
    Samsung 4g Inspiration April 7th and Droid Bionic in May.

    Number is: 1888 369 5931
  7. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    Ok, i just called that number. I asked "do you know when the incredible 2 will be available"

    she said "we don't know at this time."

    i then asked "do you have a general idea of when it might come out"

    she said "well let me check our system" "oh well(or wow) it looks like it will be available around the end of the month about March 31'st, but I don't have a launch date"

    I could tell she actually looked it up and was surprised by her own findings, this pretty much guarantees (IMO) that it will be out next week!

    it was almost like she was covering her ass for telling me March 31st because they aren't supposed to leak stuff, but their system is defiantly pointing to that day
  8. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    as much as i would like to believe this....i'll believe it when i see it.
  9. DFA1

    DFA1 Well-Known Member

    She said it should be out at the end of the month but doesn't have a launch date? WTF does that mean?
  10. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    everything is stored in databases. there is probably multiple date fields in their system. one is launch date (which is "none" or "null") another would be release date. i'm guessing that they will have an official launch on Tuesday the 29th and release on the 31st. i'm not trying to bullshit or make stuff up here. i actually talked to someone who told me this. they would have no reason to lie. you can try calling yourself, the number is right there.
  11. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Well-Known Member

    Just curious why Costco would know? o_O
  12. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    because they are a huge seller of phones. if you are Verizon or HTC and want to sell product, you want to get your product into Costco. They would know because it is in their systems.

    that is asking why would best buy know or why would any retailer know. if you start calling other retailers you might find confirm the date. however, they are usually sworn not to release that information. what we need is someone on the inside to leak a photo of the date on the computer screen, that will squash all doubts.

    look, if the phone doesn't come out next week i give everyone the right to call me a big douce, until then, well please just wait, don't call me one.
  13. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean to offend, I just don't even think there's a Costco around here, and if there is, I've never been, so I didn't know.
  14. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    I wasn't offended, I was just trying to argue my case with a little bit of humor.
  15. MrBigFeathers

    MrBigFeathers Well-Known Member

    That sucks that there was no announcement at CTIA. I really want this phone.
  16. DFA1

    DFA1 Well-Known Member

    I say look at the Thunderbolt... how many release dates did that have?
  17. BCM

    BCM Well-Known Member

    I think the major difference when considering the TB was the fact it was their first 4G phone. The Incredible 2 is just another 3G device, with no special requirements for the network. I hope they surprise everybody and just launch it all of sudden like. :)
  18. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Technically, it's global but it shouldn't cause a problem
  19. rtm0004

    rtm0004 Well-Known Member

    too good to be true

    but I'm still hoping!
  20. rohdawg11

    rohdawg11 Member

    This would be great. A buddy of mine was talking about this phone today and honestly, I had no answers for him. Hope it just pops up one day (soon!)
  21. Romparoo

    Romparoo Well-Known Member

    It would be nice, but not keeping my hopes up. I am very happy with my slightly cracked Dinc and will hold on to it until the Dinc2 arrives. :)
  22. chassum

    chassum Well-Known Member

    The widely-spread rumor was that Dinc2 would _launch_ with 2.3 (GingerBread). HTC has just said that 2.3 will be available for the TB 'before the end of Q2'. Dinc2 is internally the same as the TB which makes me think that it will be a while before it's released.
  23. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    it will come out with 2.2 on Thursday, it is just a re-branded Incredible S from Europe.
  24. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    honestly it wouldn't bother me if it launched with 2.2 and was 3 months before it saw 2.3. Especially if any custom RoMs come out for it. ( i know about the signed bootloader) but i think it will work out. I just really need a good Global Android phone. This will probably be that phone.
  25. a_droid

    a_droid New Member

    I'm still waiting on the official announcement. It looks like the 31st won't b its release date

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