Verizon iPhone 4 - 16GB BlackSold

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  1. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    Looking to unload this now that I have a 5. I've sold on here before and bought on here before. Also have reputable eBay feedback.

    9/10 on condition, basically mint. I also have a bumper I can include at no extra charge, and an otterbox defender case. Phone has a CLEAN ESN AS WELL.

    Item Description : Verizon iPhone 4 16gb Black

    Price : $280 obo

    Condition : 9.5/10

    Includes : Phone, box and all standard accesories. Plus 1 bumper and otterbox case.

    Item Location : NY

    Shipping Details : USPS Priority

    Payment Options : paypal or MO

    Contact Info :

    Here are some pics:


  2. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    lowered the price a little. looking to get this moved. please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
  3. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    obo people, let's get this in your hands :)
  4. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    Also looking for an iPad 2 in trade. 9/10 to mint condition preferred.
  5. damule6666

    damule6666 Well-Known Member

    Any interest in a cherry 9930 with all original trappings and a few extras?
  6. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    unfortunately, no. :(
  7. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    Fire sale today - take it for $225 shipped!
  8. damule6666

    damule6666 Well-Known Member

    Ok, thank you for getting back to me. GLWS.
  9. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    this been sold?
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