[Verizon] MJ7 Root?

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  1. Solipsist920

    Solipsist920 New Member

    Hi I am brand new to these forums. I came here because my phone is getting overwhelmed by ads and bloatware I want to get rid of. I checked the top thread for root guides but I couldn't find one for my build.

    Since I know very little about rooting, I want to at least post what I do know. Presently, my phone says it is Android 4.3 Kernel 3.4.0 and build MJ7.

    Let me know if you guys can direct me to the correct guide. Thank you!

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    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

  3. Solipsist920

    Solipsist920 New Member

    Where do I get the usb drivers for my phone?

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