[Verizon] My First Android Phone Ever!! Note 3...Switched From 6 year Iphone User

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  1. xADxCiLeNtxLoCx

    xADxCiLeNtxLoCx New Member

    OK..So this is my first Android phone ever. I'm very excited but very strange to the whole Android world. I've been researching and was very interested in the whole rooting thing. I got my phone rooted last night. But still clueless on how the rom flash, kernel, root apps and a lot of new Android technical terms. Any suggestions? Seems like Rooting is a lot more complicated than the Jailbreaking world that i've been used to. Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions. I appreciate everyone that can contribute to my learning and understanding the whole Android experiences.

  2. michaelwy

    michaelwy Active Member

    You should check this out first if you already have not. Click on the link and select your provider.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Android Forums
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  3. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

    There are lots of resources here to help you integrate into the Android ecosphere coming from iOS. We welcome you with open arms.

    Learn things, help others, make friends and have fun! Always feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    It’s great to have you here :)
  4. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    Personally I wouldn't have Rooted but hey it's your phone. I bought an already Rooted Galaxy S2 a couple of years ago and it caused me all kinds of problems later.
  5. PrinceOfDorne

    PrinceOfDorne Well-Known Member

    I've been an Android user for more than a year now and I'm still ignorant of what rooting is about.
  6. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    Rooting gives you extra control over apps and processes on your phone plus the ability to use apps that a stock phone can't.
    The downside is that when a new Android version or update is released you don't get it automatically.
    In the case of the S2 I bought, the Rooting was hiding the fact that it had most likely been stolen and had been "flashed" with the IMEI number of an old Nokia phone.
  7. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    I, also, would not have rooted so soon. Since you are so new to Android you should have spent much more time exploring the basics of this new system. There is SO much to learn because there is SO much you can do with Android phones vs. iPhones! And especially the Note 3!! Again, SO much to learn.

    All that said, the fact that you have rooted does not mean you cannot stop right there and do everything I just mentioned. I would not worry about doing anything else with your root until you get really well acquainted with both your new phone and the Android operating system. Spend a couple weeks (or a couple months, depending on how quick a study you are!) learning everything you can about the stock phone/system and what it can and cannot do.

    Once you are comfortable with that you will start to see the limitations of the stock system and what rooting and ROMing can do for you. ROMing is a whole new ball game where you basically put on whole new operating systems developed by regular users that are intended to enhance performance and break (completely) the bond with the providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.). There are benefits to this, but there are also pitfalls.

    With my last phone I eventually rooted but only for a couple reasons. I wanted to be able to have the phone automatically reboot every day in the wee hours of the morning (so I wouldn't notice it happening) and also wanted better control of my GPS using a programming app called Tasker. Rooting was quite easy and it gave me the control over these functions that I desired. I looked into flashing new ROMs but there was just too many variables and pitfalls and not enough benefits to make it worth while doing.

    To be quite honest, I doubt (at least at this time) I'll even root the Note 3. The phone is great right out of the box with very little in the way of things I dislike. Just adding a new launcher and getting away from TouchWiz is enough, at least for now. There is still so much to learn.

    So, spend sometime right where you are. One thing to remember, if an OTA (software update from the vendor) comes out, do NOT update your phone. You will likely lose your root unless you take steps to back it up and keep it.

    Welcome to Android. I was an iPhone user for about two years before I made the jump. iPhone is a great phone in that it provides the simplest, most trouble-free operating system out there. It just WORKS. But it is so limited. Once you taste the POWER of the dark side, and all you can do with it, you can never go back! (Que Star Wars theme here!)
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  8. xADxCiLeNtxLoCx

    xADxCiLeNtxLoCx New Member

    I thank you so much for your warm welcome and also taking the time out to show me your insight with thing. for sure I will take my time to learn the system. Since I got the phone on Sunday all i've been doing is learning and exploring it. I will definitely keep you posted on this new learning journey. Again, thank you.
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  9. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Android and the Note 3. I don't think it makes any difference how long you have been on Android...one day or 10 years. If you have the know how (and it sounds like you are technically minded since you jailbroke your iphone) and nerve to do so, there is no reason not to root if you want to. About the only thing you can mess up is trip the Knox counter which voids your warranty.

    I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus prior to my Note 3 and I could flash custom ROM's and kernels. None of those really made a ton of difference, but it gave me a lot more customization options. I could turn on wifi hotspot on my Nexus and run my kids IPad's through it without having to pay VZW tethering fees. The next big thing was being able to make backups of all my apps and data using Titanium Backup. But on the other side of that (making backups) you really only need those backups (mainly) if you are wiping your phone. If you're not rooted then usually you are not going to be wiping your phone and erasing all your data anyway.

    At this point, since there are no ROM's yet for the Note 3 (or none that I know of) I will probably not root mine yet...I love it just like it is right now. If ROM's come available and have the options I need like hotspot tethering, then I will probably root it. Don't get me wrong, I was a root-a-holic on my Nexus flashing about every ROM and kernel that came out. But right now, I just haven't found the need to root mine yet.
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  10. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Welcome to the good side! :D

    And if you're comfortable with rooting, go for it! :thumbup: You just want to make sure you read up and stay informed about what you need to do and what the advantages of root are.

    For me... I'll never own a device that isn't rooted, the pros far outweigh the cons

    That's a decision each person has to make for themselves though :)
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