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[Verizon] Note 2 in a splash screen boot loop after failed one click root

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  1. thadisneyguy

    thadisneyguy New Member

    I am hoping I am posting this in the right thread!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that I tried to use the one click root on by the Adam guy (Sorry I don't remember his last name) I do believe it was called Casual. Well I followed through the entire process and everything seemed to be going well. Well The Casual software flashed an error that said something about HS1dm? Or something like that and it was 2 errors. Well the phone was frozen on the "Downloading screen" of the phone, but it was like that for over 2.5 hours. So I unplugged the phone from my laptop.

    Now whenever I power up the phone it flashes the "Samsung Galaxy Note 2" splash screen and keeps flashing. I work in EMS and need my phone working by the am. I would appreciate all and any help that anyone could give me.

  2. scoobntaz1996

    scoobntaz1996 Well-Known Member

    Happened to me to last night. They are working on a fix. But for now to get your phone up and running. Go to xda and download odin and the pit file. run odin and put the pit file in the pit window and run it. That is what I did and the phone booted back up fine and it was rooted but it still had the stock recovery. But at least it works again till they get casual fixed. Hope that helps.
  3. foogledricks

    foogledricks New Member

    I am in the same boat. I am freaking out. Can I get more specific instructions on how to use Odin to fix my phone. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. brownchm

    brownchm Well-Known Member

  5. mryanmarkryan

    mryanmarkryan Member

    Make sure you're following a recent guide and not something from 2 years ago.

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