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Verizon Note 2 Pre-order, Release date, and speculation threadGeneral

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  1. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    Yeah the phone and online reps are notorious for giving bad information. The real thing is until there is a formal announcement they know just as much as you do.

  2. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    If you go back to the first page of this thread. I posted my online chat w/ a verizon rep saying they had no idea when the preorders would start, 5 minutes later the preorders went live.

    correction : second page of this thread
  3. tthai826

    tthai826 Active Member

    Goto facebook, do a search for Samsung, then read thru the lastest's post's comments and you'll find this..

  4. htom

    htom Well-Known Member

    Just pre-ordered mine in grey and I can't wait. Even if the date is 11/27, Verizon might surprise us with an early delivery but it will be an early Christmas regardless!
  5. droid4450

    droid4450 Member

    I got my pre-order in this morning for a Grey one. Going to see how that color is coming from a SG3 in white. 11/27 can't get here soon enough lol..
  6. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    There is maybe hope for us that need either a 32 or 64 gig version.

    Samsung online chat says 32 gig version (only and no 64 gig) will be available and Samsung customer 1-888 number says 32 gig and 64 gig will be available, but neither could tell me when.

    they said call verizon and we know how that will go. (but if someone wants to call, please post your results).
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  7. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    :rofl::rofl: This just made my day. Samsung just passing the buck to Verizon. Love it.
  8. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    This is so dumb! What I would give to NEVER EVER talk to VZW again related to buying or servicing a device. I am fine talking to verizon about my wireless service/signal, but would rather NEVER deal with them as far as hardware/device sales/service goes.
  9. GT15

    GT15 New Member

    DFran.....I Love You Bro.

    Definitely an A for effort. I still think the 16gb's lone release is just a gauge for potential 32gb and 64gb demand.

    Don't laugh, but I think I'm gonna pay the $100 insurance fee to replace my Stellar (lol) and wait it out until Mid-December.
  10. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    After last night's ordeal, I'm completely done as well regarding the sales side. How did the lady that I was online chating w/ not know that the device was about to go online for sale. And within the next 5 minutes. Still trying to figure that one out. :hmmmm:
  11. cpo2418

    cpo2418 Member

    If you ever want to find out anything regarding new phones, call a store and speak to a sales associate. Unless they were instructed not to, they will tell you a roundabout date for when a phone is being released, if not the exact date. If they say they don't know, they usually don't.
  12. rivera02

    rivera02 Well-Known Member

    Well we have what looks to be another month of waiting...should we take a run at the post count of the gnex pre-release thread?
  13. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    I would rather buy a VZW compatible device from someone other than VZW with ZERO VZW influence on the device and ZERO interaction with VZW. Can't stand ANYTHING they do with the hardware OR software, and can't stand their total ineptitude, smoke and mirrors, and draconian methods of handling new hardware release availability. Would much rather just buy hardware from some source and supply chain VZW has ZERO to do with.

    For now that's impossible and probably almost unlawful.
  14. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    My problem is I only have 10 gig free on my 32gig siii and my wife is getting really tired of the tiny tiny iPhone 4s screen and the 5 is no better, she wants my siii, i'll have to do something by the end of the year no matter what, so a useless 16 gig may have to do, or maybe that HTC will be great, not sure, let me know in a pm what you do.
  15. xis123

    xis123 New Member

    If I don't pre-order with Verizon now, when will they sell it in store? Is it the 11/27 that I can just walk-in and get the phone or much later?
  16. XstitchCowgirl

    XstitchCowgirl Well-Known Member

    Agree, why wouldn't they be able to activate before 29th?
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  17. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    Likely it will be the 27th or 29th hen.

    As for all the people, so,worried about space...64gb microsd cards...class 10. They go on sale frequently. I got mine last week on amazon for $40
  18. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Try putting apps on external card

    It does not work
  19. rivera02

    rivera02 Well-Known Member

    You have to be rooted to do it, but I remember seeing a guide to use your sd card as internal storage. Not a solution for everybody, but for those that will root anyways it's a nice option to have.
  20. Vegas863

    Vegas863 Member

    Ordered mine this morning as well in white. For all the bashing that the reps get about being clueless, the guy that took my order was pretty solid. He said that while 11/27 is the ship by date, there is a chance it could come early. 11/27 is the absolute latest ship date. In addition, he also helped me keep my unlimited data plan on my primary line by doing some juggling on my other line, saving me $15 a month and not having to deal with a cap.
  21. smittysmitt3434

    smittysmitt3434 Well-Known Member

    I don't know that this means anything, but I thought I would share. I checked my order status an hour ago and it told me an expected shipping date was unavailable. I checked it again a minute ago and it told me 11/16. I am not optimistic, but I thought I would share.
  22. alvarez13

    alvarez13 Well-Known Member

    Let's see the screenshot.
  23. mkhalil06

    mkhalil06 Member

    mine says 10/26
  24. smittysmitt3434

    smittysmitt3434 Well-Known Member

    I went back to get a screenshot and it is back to telling me that a shipping date is unavailable at this time. At least I got to have my hopes up for one night.
  25. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    Just checked mine...11/27...

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