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Verizon Note 3 force close issuesGeneral

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  1. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member

    I purchased my Verizon N3 on launch day, I am not rooted and completely stock. Today and yesterday my alarm clock didn't go off for work, when I looked at my phone it said something along the lines of, "clock has stopped responding, wait or close." When I woke up, my phone alerted me that I had two pending voice mails, when I tried to listen to them they would not play. I finally gave up and when I looked back at my phone 5 minutes later it said something along the lines of Voice mail has stopped responding, wait or close." I pulled the battery out of the phone (soft reset?) and booted it back up and the voice mails play with no problem, however, I hardly believe that this should be a solution.

    Anyone else with these issues? I attempted to install the new hangouts V2 to use SMS when the apk leaked from the Nexus 5 announcement but quickly uninstalled it when it began force closing when sending or receiving MMS. I wouldn't expect that to be the problem. Any advice or insight?

  2. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I got nothing. Don't have the phone yet.
    I ca guess though and I'm thinking it may have something to do with the app you in/uninstalled. Normally I always reboot when I in/uninstall apps.

    All you can do since you've now rebooted is see if the issue presents itself. From what you said you hadn't done a reboot after the leaked apk.
  3. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    A proper version of hangouts is now available in the Play store.

    IMHO, anytime you side load an .apk, you're asking for problems. I know it works for tons of people without any, i'm just saying...
  4. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member

    I have the proper version of hangouts now, my alarm did go off as scheduled this morning...I see what your saying about side loading apks I just have a hard time seeing how that apk would affect the clock...but maybe it did? Anyway hopefully now all is well in the world.

    Did anyone else notice a slight change in the keyboard with the new hangouts? I think mine is slightly laggier than before
  5. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member

    Also I justified it being a Google APK, I don't randomly side load apks and I have given up rooting/roming
  6. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    Because it's written for a different version of Android, 4.4 and not 4.3.

    Anyway, glad you got it working! :)

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