[Verizon] note 3 wifi issues

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  1. madfrais

    madfrais New Member

    I've owned this note 3 for maybe 2 months. I noticed in the first few weeks of owning it that it was very slow at times and would not work properly. Text messages wouldn't send and apps wouldn't install after downloading . After a lot of wondering I discovered that my issue is when I'm connected to any wifi. My alarm would not work and my lock screen wouldn't work with music apps and more. I have no idea how to fix or trouble shoot this. I know its because of wifi. I've tried 4 different wifi locations and it's the same issues. The Internet browsing and apps work fine off wifi, it's the phone that starts to act up. Any ideas? I've already reset my phone plenty of times.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off, welcome to the site :)

    Secondly, have you updated your device to KitKat? 4.4.2?

    Or are you still on 4.3, because if so I would suggest to update your device.
  3. Jonathan Patrick

    Jonathan Patrick New Member

    Oh thank God I'm not alone, I thought for the longest time I was the only one who was having this problem because I couldn't find anyone else on any forms talking about it. After purchasing my Note 3 I had this problem and even un-rooted it and went back and had my phone replaced to fix it. And I thought it had untill I started using my wifi again and after playing around for a little while I quickly realized that all the problems were directly linked to using the wifi.So the next day I took the phone back in and after me and an employee experiment with it for a little while we came up with a solution, we discovered that if you leave the 4G on and then turn on the WiFi (NEVER EVER let the wifi be active without the 4G being active first, even for a second) that it works without any problems whatsoever and after using this method for several months now I can report that there are no longer any problems with my Note 3. However I am NOT a huge fan of the solution since anytime your phone cannot connect to wifi for whatever reason the automatically connect to 4G and I've noticed my data usage has gone up as a result. This seems like a HUGE oversight on someone's part at Samsung, I really wish they would fix this. Now I have noticed a couple days ago that I am able to use my wifi only without having any of the problems EXCEPT for the battery drain one. Hope this helps and please let me know if it does, good luck.
  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sounds more like rogue apps to me. WiFi cannot possibly cause lag or RAM issues with apps that don't even need an Internet connection (like the alarm clock, installing apps or text messaging which doesn't even use wifi)
  5. Jonathan Patrick

    Jonathan Patrick New Member

    ? First off what exactly do you mean by (rouge apps). Second of all I can assure you that all hardware ( like wifi or 4G receiver/transmitters ) has code written somewhere on that phone, telling the phone exactly how to use that hardware. If even a single line of this coding is off in even the smallest way, it can cause all types of weird problems in ways you would never think possible. (manny of which would seam like lag) Also the problem was eventually fixed by keeping 4G on with wifi on. If the problem had anything to do with rogue apps, how would I have fixed the problem without removing ANY apps, rouge or otherwise?

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