Verizon Offering DROID 2 and Incredible as Warranty Replacements?General

  1. Teqknique

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  2. copestag

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    its possible that Asurion may offer different devices with a hefty upgrade price........ but as of yesterday they were still offering LG Ally to even Droid owners who needed exchanges....... VZW still has plenty of Droid1 and Eris for warranty exchanges........

    if you read some of the comments below this story youll easily see exactly why VZW or Asurion would never openly say theyre upgrading users for exchanges......... theres several people commenting about what they need to do to their phone to make it exchange worthy.... the snowball effect would be huge......

    why would anyone keep an Eris if all they had to do was intentionally make it exhange worthy and they get a d2 or dinc
  3. Teqknique

    Teqknique Active Member

    I've heard plenty of stories already that eris users have been bumped up to incredibles thru their warranty already. Adding D2 isn't that big of a jump especially of they're trying to phase out the D1s. Not to mention any upgrade story I have heard being successful includes multiple eris replacements prior to the upgrade to the point that the customer doesnt feel the that and another eris will solve their problem.

    I'm sure it's possible that users have been upgraded to either of these phones. I doubt VZW would come right out and offer upgrades for all eris users or else they would have all of there eris' back. Its pretty clear now that Eris has alot of defective devices floating around (many of which I've had). And I'm sure there are phones that have these bugs that are being put back into circulation. VZW appears to become more and more lenient about these issues as well.
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    At this point I'd like an Incredible to solve the terrible lag on my phone, but I'm not sure I want to go through 3 devices to get it. If I end up with an unrootable one instead what would I do?
  5. There is no unrootable Eris now. They're all rootable, regardless of bootloader and whatnot.

    You just need to set thirty minutes out of your day to listen to crap from a VZW representative and then put in the word that you need a replacement. If they're smart, they'll stop with it and just give you a different and, hopefully, better phone. If not, they're the ones dealing with the postage charges and whatnot. Let them keep doing it.

    Factory resets tend to temporarily fix problems. Getting a new phone is like getting a factory reset phone. Just back your stuff up and you'll be able to put it on your new phone without an issue.

    Something's gotta give, is what I'm trying to say. If it isn't VZW, Asurion would definitely give in quicker.

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