[Verizon] Old ROMMER learning new tricks

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    Oct 27, 2013
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    Ok, I did all the root and ROM and kernel stuff on my OG DROID. Haven't messed with it all after that.
    I have a Spigen Slim Armor View. Worked beautiful. ..then came 4.4.2- yall, I hate it! My case made the phone stutter and jerk. Got a replacement, same thing.
    So I figure I gotta root to make it all work. Towelroot just came along at the same time. So simple, and I got root. Bitchin, right? Not so....
    What's this Safe Strap stuff? Odin? This wasn't needed on my moto droid! Ah, shoot! I'm starting all over again. 3.71 doesn't work right, 3.72 is beta.
    I used 3.71, then went to 3.72. Got SuperSU to work, got back up done ( and loaded to PC drive too) and thought I was good. Thought I'd try JB. did the d/l and flash.
    Uh Oh....Something is not happy here! Like 3 or more files reported mount failed. I already wiped slot 0 (only supported). Fail to boot. No biggie, I got a backup...Damned if that also failed! Looks like my back up was only MD5 files, and no .TAR.
    Now I got to learn all about Odin. I'm back to a stock 4.4.2, root again, Busybox, SuperSU.
    I'm now gunshy of taking the next step to Hyperdrive. Read through everything here, but either outdated by KK, or its assumed I know what I'm doing. I dont. I just want my view case to work.

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