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[Verizon] OTA JB Update with root

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  1. Avian

    Avian Member

    I decided to take the OTA update today while I was at work. I had the phone plugged into the charger on a wall outlet. I picked the install now option on the pop up blabbing about the update. After the phone restarted I noticed that it was in clockwork (not the touchscreen version if that matters) For a second I thought about restarting and going into the stock recovery, but I used clockwork instead. Whatever I figured an update.zip is an update.zip. (clockwork did display a note about the zip not being signed or some such. but it didn't prevent using it) After the process was finished it read that the phone may want to restart in stock recovery and if i wanted clockwork to disable that. It also said "this can't be undone" Normally if I didn't know what to do I would look on the forums, obviously that wasn't an option with my phone in that state. Instead I selected the option the go back. After doing so the top of the screen said something like would you like clockwork to attempt to keep root. I did select yes to that. After the phone finally booted up into the new os, I wanted to see if that worked. The first place I thought to check was Titanium Backup. After loading a message popped up reading your rooted but your binaries are wrong would you like titanium backup to try fixing this. I said yes and it said success. Anyway everything is working. I still intend to push the official new jelly bean su.zip to the phone but so far I haven't run into anything problems.

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    So you're saying that you ALMOST ran the OTA rooted but backed out?

    The stock OS and the OTA carrying it, as I understand it, requires the stock recovery in order to execute it properly. Otherwise it will just hang up. If you are rooted and want the OTA (I have absolutely no idea why you would, but that's your decision and I respect it), you will want to unroot and flash back to stock... including the stock recovery.

    EDIT: If the OTA is carrying the stock recovery, then it will flash stock over Clockwork and bye bye root :eek:
  3. Avian

    Avian Member

    No, I took the OTA and kept root with clockwork and titanium backup. Clockwork asked me if I wanted it to attempt to keep root and then titanium fixed the binaries for JB. I wasn't expecting them to, nor didn't I even know those tools could do that.
  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    New one on me... goes to show how many OTAs I've been accepting :p

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