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  1. Zhasham

    Zhasham New Member

    I was trying to install a new rom on my verizon s3 and somewhere i messed up! I now have a message on my phone that comes up saying "system software not authorized by verizon.....take to store". I cant even boot to recovery by holding up, home and power. Im wondering if there is a way to fix this myself, and also if i take my phone to verizon will they help me even tho my phone is rooted? Any insight or help on this would be greatly appreciated!

  2. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

  3. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    I would try a normal ODIN flash first; see the sticky.
  4. real0325

    real0325 Well-Known Member

    Yes I soft bricked at least 5 times now, for some reason I can't flash any roms . But follow the Odin flash process u will be alright .

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