[Verizon] Problem flashing a ROM - galaxy nexus

  1. barrygreen

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    I have a galaxy nexus i can get into fasyboot mode gets stuck on downloading. I can also get to clockworkmod 6.0.3 i can not flash a rom onto it. i get error found out error is basically the rom is not compatible with the older CWM. I can not see to drivers right to use fastboot to update CWM. The phone is soft bricked just keeps starting up to CWM can anyone please help get back running. I thank you advanced if you can help

  2. teddyearp

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    Well, first off welcome to the site :hello:

    Second, please tell us which carrier your phone is set up for so I can direct you to the info you need and also move this thread where you will get much faster help.

    Third, I am going to go with the little info you have given so far. Fastboot mode doesn't usually get stuck on downloading, that would be Odin mode. And yes, your version of ClockWork Mod Recovery is a bit outdated for flashing the very latest ROM's. The latest for CDMA is and GSM is found here:

    ClockworkMod ROM Manager - Recoveries

    So I hope you reply to this thread so we can help you out. The Gnex can always be recovered, however even though some of the methods are the same, the files vary wildly; hence my desire to know what carrier you have to point you/move this thread.
  3. barrygreen

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    First let me thank you for assisting me with fixing this. This phone is a Verizon and you are right it is Odin I keep forgetting that it is not fastboot. If you need any other information please let me know thank you again
  4. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides Guide

    Ok, thanks for the info, now let's get you fixed.

    Obviously the easiest fix would be if you made a nandroid backup of the system you were running before trying to flash the ROM incompatible with your recovery.

    The next easiest would be to find a Android version 4.1.x ROM to flash to it.

    The end run would be to restore an original factory image to it.

    Here is a thread with a list of links to most ROMs as well as links to restoring a factory image as well:


    REMEMBER, only use images/recoveries/ROMs for your exact phone model; others will give you massive trouble. Yours is the SCH-I515, also codenamed 'toro' or simply put the VZW version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    good luck

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