[Verizon] Request Stock Chat Heads APK

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  1. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have the apk for the version of Chat Heads that shipped with the VZW GS4? After rooting and loading a custom rom on my phone I loaded the latest version from the play store but they added some really annoying and non configurable features. I'd like to return to the previous version. Thanks in advance.

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I moved this to the Verizon all things root forum for you. :)

    Non- rooted members wouldn't be able to access the apk to help you out. ;)

    Have you tried downloading the stock ROM for your device and pulling it out of there?
  3. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    I was unable to find it in the stock rom when I was doing a Titanium Backup prior to flashing my phone with the Cyanogen image. I am hoping someone else knows what it is called.
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  4. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Anyone have this?
  5. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    In Titanium Backup, I did a search for both "Chat" and "Head" and neither appears.
  6. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    Here's a link to a thread where one of the posters (#5) put up a download link for a zip file of all the Verizon stock apk's. Maybe the one you want is in there? I don't know what the filename is for the chat heads apk, but you might want to try this. Good Luck!


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