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[Verizon] [ROM][4.1.1] Bugless Beast

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  1. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Cool. Pete makes them stable as can be, thanks for the head's up.
  3. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir this looks good I may have to give it a go this afternoon.
  4. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    I'm going to install it in the next day or two. Super busy right now so I may not be able to get to it right away. Let me know how it goes! :)

    Just a heads up... looks like Youtube is FCing for some when adjusting the volume and also, he left out the Android Browser and instead opted for making Chrome the default (and only) browser.

    Apparently you can fix youtube by downloading an apk from a previous JB rom. And you can get the Android Browser back (I have to have quick controls :) ) by downloading the apk and placing it in your system/app folder.

    I don't remember where I saw links for both.... I'll look and see if I can find them again and post the links.
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  5. thenew3

    thenew3 Well-Known Member

    Cool, used to love Pete's work on the D1.

    Will try this on the nexus tonight. Any instructions on how to flash it?
  6. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Just like any other rom. Do a full wipe and then install his rom.
  7. pdc419

    pdc419 New Member

    I'm pretty sure Google made chrome the default browser for JB
  8. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

  9. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    I asked Pete on twitter if there were any known issues with this ROM and he replied that there weren't. So, im downloading it right now, and i'll update with screenshots as soon as the download completes, which will be in about 2 hours. Speaking to that, when i download this file does anyone want to host it on a faster server? This one is slow as mollases!
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  10. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    For anyone who's interested, here's the link for the youtube app.
  11. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    I thought Chrome was the default for the Nexus 7 and only the Nexus 7?
  12. viper689

    viper689 Well-Known Member

    Any reviews back on this one yet?
  13. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Not yet, the server for Bugless just quit.
  14. Droid_Junky

    Droid_Junky Well-Known Member

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  15. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Good find sir, download attempt number two.
  16. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    My god. Jelly Bean runs AMAZING.
  17. FordVW

    FordVW Member

    I'm running it now. Just finished getting it set up again with all my crap on there. Runs very smooth, everything loads quickly and it's stable. Haven't had time yet to play with all the new features, but I did find that you have to manually install Adobe Flash via APK rather than through the market. It does work once installed though.

    I did have to wipe my phone to get it installed. I was running full stock, and tried to just flash it without wiping and it did flash, however it wouldn't boot. I let it sit at the startup animation for 15 minutes. THen I went back, wiped phone, cleared caches and then flashed again and it worked fine.
  18. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Im having an issue with google now, the microphones are being EXTREMELY sensitive, and it isnt delivering search results.
  19. FordVW

    FordVW Member

    I was getting the same behavior. I went into the Google Now settings, then Voice, then "Download offline speech recognition" and once that was installed, things worked a lot better. Try that see if it helps you too.
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  20. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    I did that and rebooted, and now everything seems to be working a LOT smoother. BTW i really dig the new boot animation. Nexus Logo keeps it clean and classy.
  21. viper689

    viper689 Well-Known Member

    So good results so far on Bugless?
  22. Vance

    Vance Well-Known Member

    Yes, that bit about downloading the voice recognition was right in Pete's instructions, everyone will need to do this.

    I have been using it for a while now and it is a LOT smoother and more stable than my previous JB rom. So, far, all is working perfectly. May take a day or two, though, to spot any issues.
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  23. Droid_Junky

    Droid_Junky Well-Known Member

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  24. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    arg.... I finally got the latest AOKP working right this morning.

    I guess that means it's time to try JellyBean?
  25. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    So let me get this straight... you were rooted running stock 4.0.4 (I assume) and in CW Recovery you wiped/data factory reset, wiped cache partition, Advanced/Wiped Dalvik Cache

    And that's it? Then just installed zip from sdcard? I don't mean to be "simple" but the more black and white the instructions, the better haha :) Thanks!

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