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[Verizon] Root

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  1. modder12

    modder12 New Member

    If I root my s4 and say I dont like it and factory reset it will verizion be able to detect it?

  2. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    If you just root and stay stock you'll be fine. If you flash a custom ROM and then want to go back, you'll have to reset the counter with Triangle Away before returning to "locked and stock". Either way, Big Red should have no knowledge of your actions unless a) you tell them, b)someone from VZ tech support has to remotely diagnose a problem with your phone, or c) if you return the phone for warranty support without relocking it. I've rooted two phones and haven't heard a peep from The Man!
  3. modder12

    modder12 New Member

    Thank you so much

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