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  1. torchdown2011

    torchdown2011 New Member

    I bought a phone and it is rooted with hyperdrive ota 10.2.0 and now it says update 12 available . is there anyone out there that can give me some info on what I need to do on updating it. files etc thanks

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  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I've moved this thread to the root forum for better visibility.

    You should read CAREFULLY the first few messages in the thread below, which is the Hyperdrive main thread.
    There is a LOT of information there and you need to understand the bulk of it.
    How you upgrade Hyperdrive differs depending upon exactly what the stock version of the ROM your phone had, so read carefully.

    ★[ROM][4.3][DEC 25] Hyperdrive RLS12
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  3. dan099

    dan099 New Member

    I managed to root (I think) my S4 (verizon i545 MJ7) although I don't remember exactly how. It was involved and I thought I bricked it several times. But I have the custom unlocked thingy and I have SuperSu installed and it sees :
    1) Root Checker (says I have root access and Busy Box verifies.)
    2) I have Titanium Backup installed and running. (Which brings up a off topic question for which I have no idea where to go and that is... I bought the pro version before the rooting frenzy and now it is the free version, can I get that back? )
    3) Quick Boot (never really used it yet.)

    I looked at files with Root Explorer so I think I have full root. I would like to try to install a custom rom (maybe hyperdrive) but I am unsure if I have the right setup to jump into installing SafeStrap which I think is what I need to do.
    Can anyone help me verify that I might be OK to proceed?

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