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Verizon S3 WifiSupport

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  1. RickyDavis1051

    RickyDavis1051 Well-Known Member

    Is it just mine or does anyone else not have the wifi button at the top of the notification bar? My ATT one had it...

  2. phillyphill39

    phillyphill39 Active Member

    All of them are like that. Been discussed a lot on here. You'll get a constant notification to use WiFi.
  3. RickyDavis1051

    RickyDavis1051 Well-Known Member

    Actually they are not all like that. My ATT had the wifi had the top and the Verizon one doesn't.
  4. CReuss

    CReuss Well-Known Member

    Are you saying your Wi-Fi button is missing from the notification pull down?

  5. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Verizon Wi-Fi stays in ongoing :mad:
  6. CReuss

    CReuss Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That is Weird that Verizon modified the OS to act like that. What else did they change?
  7. RickyDavis1051

    RickyDavis1051 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's exactly what I was referring to! Thanks guys. Kinda don't like it...
  8. phillyphill39

    phillyphill39 Active Member

    That's what I meant. All the Verizon models don't have it. Thought it was obvious since you were asking about a Verizon phone...
  9. RickyDavis1051

    RickyDavis1051 Well-Known Member

    cool story, bro.....
  10. Airstream25

    Airstream25 Well-Known Member

    The Wi-Fi symbol is absent on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III.

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