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  1. lucky515

    lucky515 Guest

    im new to this all..just saw interesting forum.same issiues..have the s4 samsung..rooted finially..ive read there is no rtecovery..samsung galaxy s4 i545..is this still true?no custom kernal.rom.nothin?..just root permission for apps?cause thts all ive acomplished with mine..was told if installed a recovery wopuld brick my device tryin.when boot into recovery error mess useing rom manager..says error.no command..and cannot download onto sd card when trying to install clockwork mod from inside the rom manager.plz help

  2. lucky515

    lucky515 Guest

    im new at this.u seem to have lot of knowledge..would be an honer to receive an reply from u.sure your busy..ive posted my first reply in this thread.tried post question.new guy cant.ive got like 6 devices..2 are rooted..thts far as ive made it.currently useing samsung galaxy s4 i545 the most..just so im clear on u post.no kernal rom.nothin else i can do for custmozation?.ive got chainfire su installed.root permission for apps.rom manager trieed installing clockwork mod inside the app..when reboots.says error.no command.also when back on.cant download to sd card.is custom recovery same as installing new rom?help.what next?should i just use the apps?forget the rest with this device?is it ok to leave phone runnin with root permission?and not boot into recovery?noticed a continioues time running in 'uptime; in the settings under status.
  3. sntaylor

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    From what I can tell, the 545 is the Verizon device and I believe that it has a locked bootloader which is what prevents flashing custom recovery and kernels. More help Will be available in the correct forum though..... being rooted without recovery is fine, you just won't have a backup available!
  4. DonB

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    Your post was moved here for proper help and support.

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